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HCMCT Manipal Hospital honors families of Organ Donor’ with ‘Tree of Life’

New Delhi

HCMCT Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, celebrated National Organ Donation Day by holding a felicitation ceremony for the families of those who donated their organs, eyes and whole body after death. It takes immense courage and a huge heart to help someone in the midst of grief at the loss of a loved one. Four families of such donors got together at HCMCT Manipal Hospital, Dwarka to celebrate the spirit of selflessness and encourage more and more people to come forward and pledge for organ donation. On this special day, the families were honored with customized Indian Postal Service stamps carrying the picture and name of donor. During the event, Mr. Dilip Jose, MD and CEO of Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd unveiled the ‘Tree of Life,’ a memorial installation carrying the names of the organ, cornea and whole body donors to celebrate and honour their selfless act.

Organ Donation is a noble cause that gives a new lease of hope to thousands of people struggling with fatal medical conditions like end-stage organ failure. According to recent data from the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), there are more than 200,000 patients in India waiting for organ transplants, but the number of organ donors is insufficient to meet this demand. Long waiting list, means, sadly, that many patients succumb to their illnesses before a suitable organ becomes available. Manipal Organ Sharing & Transplant (MOST) was launched in 2022 to promote this cause and to establish best practices and protocols in 29 Manipal Hospitals. The #TheMostNobleAct initiative is a step towards bridging this gap and encouraging people to take a step forth and pledge for donation of organs, tissues and whole body.

During this event, Dr. Marti Manyalich, Director of Donation and Transplant Institute, Barcelona, and Dr. (Col) Avnish Seth VSM, Head of Manipal Organ Sharing and Transplant (MOST), emphasized on the need for and importance of organ donation. Additionally, Dr Marti and several other international and national experts have gathered for a 2-day summit Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death (DCDD). So far close to 1000 individuals donate all their organ sin India after brain death, annually. DCDD is an n innovative approach where, with protocols in place, organs can be taken even when the heart has stopped. Around 30-50% organ donation is done through DCDD approach in some countries. With a judgement passed by hon’ble supreme court of India in January 2023 for advance medical directive and withholding and withdrawing of life support treatment, it is time to this strengthen this approach in India.

Sharing his vision on organ donation on the occasion, Dr. Marti Manyalich said, “Organ transplant is a field that holds the potential to change lives in the most profound way. Our focus on outlining the path of Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death (DCDD) is a strategy to significantly enhance organ donation in India. By embracing this innovative method, India may increase its donor pool and give hope to many people who are waiting for life-saving organ transplants.”

Dr. (Col.) Avnish Seth, VSM, Head of Manipal Organ Sharing & Transplant (MOST), was felicitated on 13th National Organ Donation Day for his outstanding contribution to the National Organ Transplant Program over the past 2 decades by Mr. Mansukh Mandaviya, Hon’ble Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare. Expressing his gratitude for the generosity of organ donors, he said, “In India we do about 15000 organ transplants annually. This is third highest in the world, next only to US and China. There are long waiting lists for organs. Organ donation after death is an altruistic act gives a new lease of life and gift of sight to thousands. Through the #TheMostNobleAct initiative, we honor those who have donated their organs and tissues. The ‘Tree of Life’ is a heartfelt tribute to the donors and their families, who have left behind an enduring legacy of giving the most precious gift of life. 

Dr. Viji Varghese, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka said, “The awareness and knowledge of organ donation remains low, limiting the potential to save many lives. The demand for organ transplants has increased, and this has made it imperative for more and more individuals to join the cause. Through our #TheMostNobleAct initiative, we urge to all Indians to embrace the noble cause of organ donation as a profound act of love and support, laying a path to a brighter and healthier future for the ones in need. Together, we hold the power to make a significant difference in the lives of others.”

About Manipal Hospitals

As a pioneer in healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is among the top healthcare providers in India serving over 4.5 million patients annually. Its focus is to develop an affordable, high quality healthcare framework through its multispecialty and tertiary care delivery spectrum and further extend it to out of hospital care. With the completion of acquisition of 100% shareholding in Columbia Asia Hospitals Private Limited and Vikram Hospital (Bengaluru) Private Limited, the integrated network today has a pan-India footprint of 29 hospitals across 16 cities with 8,300+ beds, and a talented pool of 4,000 doctors and an employee strength of over 12,000.

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