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Khuda Bakhsh Library organises Web Lecture on ‘Sufism and National Integration’

Breaking the heart of human is great sin is the teaching to Sufism


Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library on Wednesday organised a web lecture on the topic of ‘Sufism and National Integration’ by Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, former Director of the Library.

While welcoming the speaker Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad and the participants in the web lecture series, Current Director of Khuda Bakhsh Library Dr Shaista Badar focused on the key role of Sufism in National integration.

She said that Sufism and Bhakti Marg create awareness towards positive living. It help us to understand overcome the tension and frustration being face today, the word and deeds of Sufi provide a healing touch to the wounded heart. “Sufism, the real Path of love and passion, helps a man a real human being. In fact the goal of the entire humanity is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. To sum up, going the Sufi and Bhakti Marg is the only way to save the nation” she said.

Expressing his view on Sufism and National Integration, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad said that the idea goes back in early modern period in Europe the India is the land Unity and Diversity. The base of National Integration is on Acceptance, Tolerance and assimilation, from which we create composite culture.

During the Mauryan and Mughal period we found some evidence of National Integration. The basic of Sufis message is acceptance of tolerance. Sufis interact with masses and teaches humanism.

“Breaking the heart of human is great sin. Once the famous Sufi saint Sharafuddin Yahya Maneri took food to keep the heart of a woman during fasting and avoided breaking the heart”.

he said that Sufis of Chistiya order uses the Raag Ragini in their session of Mahfil-e Sam’a. During the Akbar period, translations of Mahabharat and Ramayna were done in Persian which helps to understand the other religions and promote the communal harmony. Sufi’s thoughts effects on politics also.

“In the Medieval period the Islamic Culture and Hindu Culture emerge in Indian Culture, which we know as Ganga-Jamuni Culture. Sufism teaches us to respect all religions. Both Akbar and Ashoka try to promote a synergy a coming together of different relations and they took very important steps in this direction and achieved success. Akbar established a contract a level of scholars and intellectuals. They Sufis establishes contract at the level of masses” said Dr . Imtiaz.

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