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Follow medical protocol and stay positive about life, says Covid Survivor Dr Birbal Jha

NEW Delhi

Amid the negative news doing the rounds with Covid cases spiking and casualties being reported all across, there is a positive one for one and all. Dr Birbal Jha, the noted author and social scientist, who organized and led the first-ever ‘Namaste March’ from New Delhi on 7th March 2020, sending across a strong message to the world to ward off the coronavirus by way of replacing the handshake with ‘Namaste’ for good and maintaining social distancing has recovered from the deadly Covid-19, which he had contracted while helping the corona positive patient.

“It is always advisable for everyone to follow the medical protocol and stay positive about life, the situation whatsoever there exists. Note that fighting spirit is something that pays us back sooner or later in the course of life. Hence, one needs to have courage in plenty as a positive thought process itself is an immunity booster.” says the philanthropic Dr Birbal, who has been very instrumental in helping many others either ward off or recover from the virus.

“It was really scary to get infected with the Coronavirus that spares nobody, irrespective of their faiths. I, too, was very self-assured of my immune system, and I had developed a notion that I would never contract such a tiny virus. That’s belied!” adds Dr Jha.

“So what is needed if one at all gets infects with the virus is to go by medical advice, prescription and treatment protocols. It goes without saying that surviving the Covid-19 is like coming back to life again. One should not be swayed by the so-called experts passed out from the ‘WhatsApp University’ where many profess to be doctors or messengers of something good for good.”, holds Dr Jha.

“In pursuit of the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”, we all need to follow the health guidelines in order to keep the virus at bay. However, when one develops a symptom or has a gut feeling of happening something wrong through one’s body, one should consult a physician immediately for the purpose. Remember the saying, a stitch in time saves nine’’, opines Dr Birbal Jha, who rendered a yeoman’s service to the corona patients, often risking his own life.

“I’m grateful to Dr Gopal Jha and Dr Rahul Kashyap, who constantly monitored my health situation, paying due attention with pieces of medical advice.”, said Dr Birbal, who by way of drawing the attention of government machinery and functionary, had highlighted the case of Delhi’s first-ever doctor Gopal Jha being infected with the virus during its first wave last year.

“It is an open secret that the novel coronavirus is a contagious disease. Hence, it can be prevented to a great extent and even cured in most cases notwithstanding the facts that there is no sure cure due to lack of medicinal discovery. The medicines prescribed by doctors with dos and don’ts are effective.” concludes Dr Birbal sharing his personal experiences while fighting off the Covid-19.

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