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Eid in Lockdown


By Asad Mirza

Perhaps for the first time Eid-ul Fitr, the most important festival of Muslims across the world will be celebrated in a completely new and unparalleled circumstances. The pandemic Corona, has changed everyone’s day-to-day life pattern in the last few months.

Due to the prevailing circumstances Muslims all across the world will not be going to the Eidgahs or local mosques, to offer congregational prayers for Eid-ul Fitr, which has been bestowed on them by Allah after observing Ramazan’s fast for full month for his pleasure and to inculcate self-discipline amongst the believers.

However, a positive result of the circumstances has been that for the first time in India, ulema and faqihs (jurists) of all sects and denominations have agreed and issued guidelines in advance due to the Lockdown situation in virtually every Indian city, that it is advisable for them to offer the Eid Namaz at home, to ensure safety for themselves and everyone else. Even Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, head of Saudi Scientific Research & Council, in an interview with Al Arabiya News Network, has urged people to offer Eid namaz at home.

How to offer Eid Namaz at Home

  • Eid namaz has 6 additional takbeers
  • Nafil or chasht prayers could be offered in lieu of Eid namaz

Under the present circumstances, if there are 4 or more people in a home then they can offer 2 Rakat of Eid ul Fitr prayer at home with extra ‘takbeerat’. The ‘Khutbah” may be given after the prayer but it is not compulsory. If the number of people in a home is less than 4, then 4 Rakat nafil or chasht prayers should be offered in lieu of Eid namaz.

The worshiper will recite takbeer to start salat and then follow it with Three more takbeer in the first rakat before reciting Surah Fatiha loudly and then it is ideal to recite Surah Al Qahf. Other surah can also be recited.

In the second rakat, there will be Four takbeer before Ruku at the end of the rakat, i.e. after reciting Surah Fatiha and then Surah Al Qamar, following the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Following two Khutbas, with a break between the two could be read out after the namaz.

Ideal time of Eid-al Fitr prayer

As per Islamic scholars the time for Eid prayer begins after sunrise and the best time is after the sun rises by the height of one or two spears as agreed by most scholars. So it would be best to offer Eid prayers after 7am, on the day of Eid.

Sadqa-e Fitr

  • Paying Sadqa-e Fitr is obligatory
  • At current rates Rs 40 per individual should be paid as Sadqa-e Fitr

The believers should remember that they have to pay Zakat-al Fitr or Sadqa-e Fitr, as per the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), before offering the Eid namaz.

Sadqa-e Fitr is obligatory on every Muslim – male and female including children. It is better, if it is given to a poor person a day before Eid-al Fitr, or after sighting of the Eid moon, better still if it is paid during the last ten days of Ramazan, so as to enable the poor person to buy clothes, sweets and eatables to enjoy on the festive day.

Sadqa-e Fitr’s quantum can be calculated in terms of dates, raisins, cheese and barley, the current price of 1k.g. multiplied by 3.5 could be given for every individual. Currently, in monetary terms the Sadqa works out to be Rs 40/- per person. However, it can be increased based on a person’s financial status and his Niyah (niyat).

In addition, this year as far as possible, kindly avoid going outside and greeting people, instead try to stay at home. On the day of Eid, whatever clothes, old or new are available, can be adorned and one should thank Allah for it.

After Eid namaz, please pray that Allah gives us deliverance from the coronavirus and we can return to our normal lives.

Asad Mirza is a Sr journalist based in New Delhi.

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