Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND A recent bill approved by a US Senate committee, may empower the US administration to take action against the errant OPEC members, who are not ready to tow the US line on international oil prices. After working on devising methods to counter moves by OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) – … Continue reading No OPEC Or A New OPEC?

Indo-UK Ties On A New Track?

Asad Mirza@AsadMirzaND The recent lacklustre visit of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to India underlines the fact that the UK can’t take India for granted, and has to treat it as a bigger partner. In Persian there is an old proverb: ‘Amad`an, nashist`am, ghuft`am, barkhas`tam’, meaning they came, they sat, they talked and then … Continue reading Indo-UK Ties On A New Track?

Russia-Ukraine war; The Clash Within the Civilisation

Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND The Russian-Ukraine war has been instrumental to forge a new narrative of the world and how it is going to transform, very soon. It seems as if the Russia-Ukraine war has rendered the seminal work by Samuel Huntington The Clash of Civilisations, as completely wrong. As the narrative painted by him 30 … Continue reading Russia-Ukraine war; The Clash Within the Civilisation

Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022 attempts to make India a Police State ?

Syed Ali Mujtaba The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022, intends to link demographic and biometric information with the identification of citizens in an attempt to make all the natural citizens of India to be looked at as ‘suspects.’ The law is draconian and against the principle of civil liberties human right and against the tenets … Continue reading Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022 attempts to make India a Police State ?

200 years of Urdu journalism

Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND 27 March 2022 marks the completion of two hundred years of Urdu journalism. The first Urdu newspaper Jam-i Jahan Numa published its first edition from Kolkata on 27 March 1822.  The occasion, when Urdu journalism is celebrating 200 years of its existence, seems to be perhaps the best opportunity to clear some … Continue reading 200 years of Urdu journalism

India acts big brother to Sri Lanka

Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND The recent Indian initiatives to smaller regional neighbours like Maldives and Sri Lanka proves that the Indian foreign policy has matured and is delivering results by bringing these neighbours nearer to India . Indian policy in the region towards smaller countries, seems to be paying dividends, as compared to China, which is … Continue reading India acts big brother to Sri Lanka

Afghan mineral wealth attracts competitors

Afghanistan’s mineral wealth might be able to help the Taliban to bankroll its developmental plans. Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND Even when the American occupation of Afghanistan was in full steam and apart from the fighting there were mainly reports of the on-going fighting, yet there were secret reports, which spoke of the vast mineral wealth which … Continue reading Afghan mineral wealth attracts competitors

The Great American Heist

By Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND The manner, in which the US President has divided the Afghan money deposited with the Federal Reserve, will only further erode the confidence of third-world nations in the American system and values. US President Joe Biden last week signed an executive order, splitting $7 billion Afghan funds deposited with the Federal … Continue reading The Great American Heist

Putin’s Political Chess

Putin released two sets of demands to the US and NATO, but the unwavering stand taken by both raises doubts whether Putin will be able to change the security equation in the Europe and Ukraine anytime soon. Asad Mirza @AsadMirzaND Russia has demanded for a new security arrangement in Europe, and threatened war if the … Continue reading Putin’s Political Chess

American democracy in peril?

Events over the last one year shows that the world’s largest superpower itself faces challenges to its democratic system, while it continues to preach the world about democratic values. By Asad Mirza It seems a paradox. But one of the oldest democracies of the world, the United States which has the habit of preaching the … Continue reading American democracy in peril?


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