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British Lingua organises Panel discussion on Intellectual Property Rights

AMN / New Delhi

A panel discussion on How to Protect and Secure Intellectual Property Rights with the aim of creating a sort of public awareness, more particularly in today’s youth was held in New delhi on Tuesday.

Discussion was organised by the British Lingua, an institute for English communication skills, marking the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day on 26th April 2022.

Further, a social and educative campaign for the Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Programme (IPRAP) from New Delhi was launched with the sole objective of helping youth know how to own what they ideate, innovate and create in their life.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, noted author and social crusader Dr Birbal Jha said, “ Intellectual Property ( IP) refers to the creations of an individual’s mind, for example, artistic works, literary output, designs, symbols, names, images or any inventions used in business, trade or commerce. Such creations need to be copyrighted, patented or trademarked at the appropriate authority designated by law under a particular jurisdiction.


“Only the registered Intellectual Property under the applicable section of the law entitles the owner or creator to rule the roost, giving an edge over others. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of law. Hence, aspiring youth have to have an understanding of the law of land to harvest the fruits of their hard work, innovations, inventions and creations.” added etymologist Dr Birbal, better known as the Youngest Living Legend of Mithila.

Praising the efforts of British Lingua Managing Director Dr Birbal Jha, Supreme Court Lawyer Rajesh Sen, said,” IPR that stands for Intellectual Property Rights is an entitlement given to the persons over the creations of their minds. Such are exclusive rights over the creations for a certain period.

While flagging off the ‘IPR Awareness Campaign’ from east Delhi of the national capital, Delhi University Professor-turned Lawyer practising at the Top Court of India, Dr Arun Jha, said, “Such a BL novel campaign will impact the young generation very positively, yielding fruits of ideation and creation. I am sure it will go places.”

“It is very imperative to harness the IP and see phenomenal growth and advantage when it comes to doing any business within or outside the country,” added Dr Jha in his concluding remarks.

Among others who attended the imitative included Stephanian Vinod Sukhija, Social activist Ramakant Chaudhary, and Gauri Rani, Fashion Designer at Pastel India.

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