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Essence of Eid ul-Fitr

Eid prayer

By Mohammed Shoeb Alqasmi

The moments of pleasure and cheerfulness always play an important role in human life. Festivals bring happiness not only to family but whole society and the nation. Weak and poor too feel a sense of strength and cheerfulness on the auspicious occasions.

Eid ul-Fitr or simply Eid too is such an occasion that brings cheers among all section of Muslims as well as non Muslims. Eid is the day of enjoyment and one must try to find what the happiness is and how it should be celebrated?

In fact the secret of Eid pleasure hidden in month of Ramadan. Real cause of pleasure lies in we had been fasting for one month and we have been given strength of helping the poor people, it means we gave away Sadaqa-e-Fitr. This is victory of humanity and generosity over our sensual desires and love for wealth.

It is a declaration that we are not slaves of sensual desires and love for wealth, but we are free and emancipated. We attained the freedom after cutting off fetters. Unleashing satanic demands, desires and flowing in their tide is not loss to the humanity but also its wastage.

When desires captivate a man he is trapped in the love for wealth and riches. Then he loses his independence, that time he becomes like a machine, run by desires, and he looks like a mindless creature not having any sense, heart. Fasting is called self restraint exposing human virtue and victory of a man becomes evident over materialism. A man comes out of desires which show that human beings are all in all, empowered and free from entrapment.

Pleasure of Eid – ul – Fitr with the month of Fasting has a lot of morale. We celebrate this occasion because Allah strengthened our will up to one month. We became victorious over sensual desires. We performed prostration of thanks in prayers for our Creator and Owner. From Him we got the power of offering prayers and benedictory supplication to Him.
So Eid is a celebration of victory of humanity over sensual desires. It is a freedom of conscience and pleasure of its supremacy. It is a conquest of spirituality over materialism and pleasure of the same.

You have right to celebrate the occasion if you have observed fasting for full month, if you have performed Taraweeh prayers and if you lived angelical life for one month. We do not have right to celebrate If we have trodden the dignity of Ramadan and lived brutal life for whole month. Hence ancestors have said Eid is not for one who wore only new cloths.


Eid is only for one who got safety from the hell. It means he kept away from evils to be worthy of mercy and forgiveness and safe from the Torture. Eid is not for one who makes the surroundings sweet-smelling ; Eid is for one who turned from sins so that he will never come back to sins , Eid is not for one who arranged worldly goods. Eid is for one who adopted provisions of journey for the hereafter. In fact Eid is for those who observed fasting offered prayers as well as pious and obedient people who performed real part of obedience in blessed hours of Ramadan.

No doubt Eid is a festival of love and affection, festival of Islamic pomp and show, festival of unity and amity, festival of fraternity and equality, festival of sympathy and pity and above all it is festival of Allah’s reward.

On Eid day Allah orders his angels to spread all over the earth, so angels spreading in lanes and ways and announce “ oh nation of Ummah Muhammadiya rush to your Lord. He wants to bestow you a lot and he wants to forgive you. Universe is the total of various things. Everything of the Universe has separate existence. If these things are put separately then the life will be fact of no use and with gathering of all things an image of life full of colours and light come to our mind. Here we sight concentrate on one point which gives life a pleasant shape. And that is unity, amity mutual attachment, fraternity good behavior with relatives. Wherever this imagination goes it gives the life of nations a new turn.

Unity and integrity are basic views of Islam. Islam pulled down the walls of national and racial superiority intolerance which erected on the foundation of caste and creeds and linked servants of God with the relations which cut off all fetters of difference and disagreement.

Prayers, fasting, Hajj and Zakat are articulate images and pleasant phenomena of Islamic fraternity and integrity. The image of this unity is observed on the occasion of Eid that is why it is ordered to express joy and cheerfulness on the occasion of Eid. But it does not mean that we should do uncivilized and unlawful activities that is prohibit by the Sharia and the local laws.

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