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इंडियन आवाज़     06 Jun 2020 04:46:16      انڈین آواز

With 256 medals, Maharashtra prove superiority at Khelo India Youth Games


HSB / Guwahati

Maharashtra retained supremacy in the Khelo India Youth Games 2020 with a rich collection of 78 gold and 77 silver in a total of 256 medals, leaving Haryana to draw consolation from their 200-medal haul as the celebration of sports for the nation’s youth came to a poignant end here on Wednesday.

Kareena Shankta won her second individual gold medal while leading a Maharashtra sweep of the podium in the Girls Under-17 200m Breaststroke event that saw them scoop 46 medals from the pool, including 18 gold that left Haryana in their wake.

Maharashtra’s other gold medals on Wednesday came from the tennis court where Snehal Mane and Mihita Yadav rallied from the loss of the first set to beat Telangana’s top-seeds Sravya Chilkapudi and Sama Sathwika 3-6, 6-3, 10-7 and from Girls Under-21 weightlifter Snehal Sukumar Bhongale.

Through the day, the Maharashtra contingent kept an eye on Haryana’s surge. Expectedly, their rivals enjoyed a productive day, winning 10 gold medals through both their girls football teams, boxers and the Under-17 tennis boys doubles pair. But with four Haryana boxers losing in the finals, the fight for the top place was as good as over before the action shifted to the swimming pool.

It was there that Karnataka added four gold to those won by boxer Nishant Dev and rising tennis star Reshma Maruri to leapfrog over Uttar Pradesh in the medal charts to the fourth place behind Maharashtra, Haryana and Delhi. Srihari Nataraj won the 100m backstroke and 100m freestyle gold medals to take his medal collection in the Games to five gold and three silvers.
With eight medals to show for his efforts, Srihari Nataraj shared the limelight with fellow-swimmer Shivangi Sarma (Assam) who won five gold and two silver to emerge the most successful girl in the Khelo India Youth Games. With 21 of their 32 gold coming from the pool, Karnataka were beholden to their swimmers.

Haryana’s domination of the boxing ring was absolute, claiming a massive 47 medals, including 15 gold and 14 silver. A measure of their superiority can be seen from the fact that their closest rivals, Maharashtra, secured 19 medals, including six gold, a few of which were won by boxers from the North-East who are training at the Army Sports Institute in Pune.

Puducherry and Ladakh made it to the medal charts on the final day. For Puducherry, their Girls Under-21 over 87kg class weightlifter secured a bronze behind Snehal Sukumar Bhongale and Swati Yadav (Uttar Pradesh). For Ladakh, making their debut in the Khelo Games, Fahana Eliyas secured a bronze in the 69kg Girls Under-21 competition.

It meant that as many 33 contingents from across the country went back home with at least a medal. The home State had much to cheer about ahead of the emotional closing ceremony, having won 20 gold and 22 silver in a total of 76 medals to be seventh overall. West Bengal, Gujarat and Punjab completed the list of top 10 States on the medals table.

The results (final):
Boys under-21
48kg class: S Barun Singh (Manipur) beat Selay Soy (Jharkhand). Bronze medals: Irfan Khan (Assam) and Manish Rathore (Uttar Pradesh).
52kg class: Rohit Mor (Delhi) beat Bhavesh (Maharashtra). Bronze medals: Sanket Goud (Maharashtra) and Ankit (Haryana).
56kg class: Akash Kumar (Haryana) beat Soubham Victor (Manipur); Bronze medals: Laishram Bilotson (Manipur) and Pawan Gurung (Uttarakhand).
60kg class: Ankit Narwal (Haryana). beat Ankit (Haryana). Bronze medals: Harikesh Yadav (Assam) and Akash Ramesh Gorkha (Maharashtra).
64kg class: Nishant Dev (Karnataka) beat Rajat (Haryana). Bronze medals: Som Bahadur Pradhan (Assam) and Akshay Kumar (Haryana).
69kg class: Sumit (Haryana) beat Amit Kumar (Daman and Diu); Bronze medals: Prasad Rahul (Maharashtra) and Abhinab Sikia (Assam).
75kg class: Harsh Chaudhary (Rajasthan) beat Hemant Yadav (Delhi). Bronze medals: Mohit and Tonmoy Dowarah (Assam).
81kg class: Lakshya Chahar (Rajasthan) beat Younam Kamboj (Chandigarh). Bronze medals: Ronak (Daman & Diu) and Shivam Pawar (Delhi).
91kg class: Harsh Rana (Delhi) beat Kapil Pokhriyal (Uttarakhand). Bronze medals: Himmat Singh (Haryana) and Pushpender Rathi (Goa).
Over 91kg class: Jaipal Singh (Punjab) beat Aman (Haryana). Bronze medals: Sarthak Acharya (Rajasthan) and Abhinav Chauhan (Himachal Pradesh).
Girls under-21
48kg class: Kalaivani (Tamil Nadu) beat Priyanka Borah (Assam). Bronze medals: Rajani Jasmer (Haryana) and Shobi Kohali (Uttarakhand).
51kg class: Anamika (Haryana) beat Noarem Baby Chanu (Manipur); Bronze medals: Minakshi (Haryana) and Soiban Rebika Devi (Manipur).
54kg class: Poonam (Haryana) beat Arshi Khanam (Rajasthan). Bronze medals: Divya Panwar (Madhya Pradesh) and Kampi Boro (Assam).
57 kg class: Jasmine (Haryana) beat Mandeep Kaur (Punjab). Bronze medals: Priya Kushwaha (Uttar Pradesh) and Ritu (Chandigarh).
60kg class: Parveen (Haryana) beat Jony (Haryana). Bronze medals: Poonam Kaithwas (Maharashtra) and Neha Kashnyal (Uttarakhand).
64kg class: Ankushita Boro (Assam) beat Manisha (Haryana). Bronze medals: Vinka (Haryana) and Ningthoujam Devi (Manipur).
69kg class: Arundhati Choudhary (Rajasthan) beat Amrit (Haryana); Bronze medals: Rubi Bora (Assam) and Fahana Eliyas (Ladakh).
75kg class: Astha (Uttar Pradesh) beat Sanamacha Chanu (Manipur). Bronze medals: Raj Sahiba (Haryana) and Niharika Gonella (Telangana).

Boys under-21: Punjab 2 (Kishori 8th minute and Rohit Sheikh 30) beat Assam 0. Half-time 2-0. Bronze medal play-off: Goa 3 (Kunal S Salgaonkar 32 and 38, Joston J Cardoz 94) beat Maharashtra 1 (Aman S Gaikwad 40). Half-time: 2-1.
Girls under-21: Haryana 2 (Mona 45, Nishu 90) beat Tamil Nadu 0. Half-time: 1-0. Bronze medal play-off: Odisha 3 (Deepa Nayak 9, Suman Mohapatra 44, Jasoda Munda 59) beat Assam 0. Half-time: 2-0.
Girls under-17: Haryana 3 (Rajni Bala 26, Tannu 73, Pinki 82) beat Odisha 1 (Sarita Soreng 55). Half-time: 1-0. Bronze medal play-off: Jharkhand 2 (Shivani Toppo 55, Anita Dungdung) beat Assam 1 (Ajuli Brhama 1) Half-time: 0-1.
Boys under-21
100m Freestyle: 1. Srihari Nataraj (Karnataka) 52.58 seconds; 2. Aaron Fernandes (Maharashtra) 53.02; 3. CJ Sanjay (Karnataka) 54.66.
200m Breaststroke: 1. S Dhanush (Tamil Nadu) 2:20.64; 2. M Lohith (Andhra Pradesh) 2:21.32; 3. Aditya Dubey (Delhi) 2:27.58.
50m Backstroke: 1. Srihari Nataraj (Karnataka) 26.27 seconds; 2. Soumyajit Saha (West Bengal) 27.40; 3. K Mohit Kumar (Tamil Nadu) 27.65.
Girls under-21
200m Breaststroke: 1. Kalyani Saxena (Gujarat) 2:49.97; 2. Silki Nagpure (Gujarat) 3:02.10; 3. Reinita Gogoi (Assam) 3:03.63.
100m Butterfly: 1. Firdoush Kayamkhani (Rajasthan) 1:07.56; 2. Anubhuti Barua (Assam) 1:08.82; 3. Suman Patil (Goa) 1:09.74.
50m Backstroke: 1. Soubrity Mondal (West Bengal) 31.54 seconds; 2. Pratyasha Ray (Odisha) 32.16; 3. Aaliyah Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 33.75.
Boys under-17
100m Freestyle: 1. R Sambhavv (Karnataka) 53.61 seconds; 2. P Vikkas (Tamil Nadu) 53.73; Veer Khatkhar (Haryana) 53.81.
200m Breaststroke: 1. Swadesh Mondal (West Bengal) 2:22.81; 2. Bhargav Phukan (Delhi) 2:29.35; 3. Kalp S Bhora (Karnataka) 2:29.35.
50m Backstroke: 1. Tanmay Das (Delhi) 27.10 seconds; 2. Vedant Bapna (Maharashtra) 27.66; 3. V Vinayak (Tamil Nadu) 27.98.
Girls under-17
1500m Freestyle: 1. V Varsha (Tamil Nadu) 18:31.58; 2. Ashmita Chandra (Karnataka) 18:35.02; Ariaa Sheth (Maharashtra) 18:35.40.
100m Butterfly: 1. Aastha Chaudhary (Delhi)1:04.68; Nilabjaa Ghosh (West Bengal) 1:05.75; 3. Kanya Nayyar (Madhya Pradesh) 1:05.76.
200m Breaststroke: 1. Kareena Shankta (Maharashtra) 2:42.97; 2. Anushka Patil (Maharashtra) 2:44.13; 3. Zaara Jabbar (Maharashtra) 2:47.78.
50m Backstroke: 1. Ridhima Veerendra Kumar (Karnataka) 31.02 seconds; 2. Nina Venkatesh (Karnataka) 31.43; 3. Shrungi Bandekar (Goa) 31.56.
Boys under-21 Singles: Dhakshineshwar Suresh (Tamil Nadu) beat Dhruv Sunish (Maharashtra) 6-3, 6-2. Bronze medal play-off: Adil Kalyanpur (Karnataka) beat Faisal Qamar (Rajasthan) 6-2, 7-5.
Girls under-21 Doubles: Snehal Mane and Mihita Yadav (Maharashtra) beat Sravya Chilkapudi and Sama Sathwika (Telangana) 3-6, 6-3, 10-7. Bronze medal play-off: Sandeepti Rao and Sanya Singh (Haryana) beat Muskaan Dahiya and Jennifer Luikham (Haryana) 6-0, 6-2.
Boys under-17 Doubles: Chirag Duhan and Krishan Hooda (Haryana) beat Daksh Agarwal and Yashraj Dalvi (Maharashtra) 2-6, 6-1, 10-7. Bronze medal play-off: Satav Anshul and Saheb Sodhi (Maharashtra) walk-over Yogee Panwa and Karan Singh (Haryana).
Girls under-17 Singles: Reshma Maruri (Karnataka) beat Akanksha Nitture (Maharashtra) 6-4, 7-5. Bronze medal play-off: Sanjana Sirimalla (Telangana) beat Bandaru Kindana Sri (Tamil Nadu) 6-0, 7-5.
Boys under-21
109kg class: 1. Abhishek (Uttar Pradesh) 267kg (Snatch 126kg, Clean & Jerk 141kg); 2. Gagandeep Gill (Punjab) 247 (113, 134); 3. Naresh Choudhary (Rajasthan) 241 (107, 134).
Over 109kg class: 1. S Rudramayan (Tamil Nadu) 313kg (138; Clean & Jerk 175kg); 2. Avinash (Punjab) 301 (145, 156); 3. KV Kusha Gowda (Karnataka) 285 (120, 165).
Girls under-21
87kg class: 1. SR Usha (Karnataka) 170 (74, 96); 2. Shivangi Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 169 (77, 92); 3. Banita Ghadei (Odisha) 158 (72, 86).
Over 87kg class: 1. Snehal Sukumar Bhongale (Maharashtra) 157kg (65, 92); 2. Swati Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 151 (64, 87); 3. I Srimathi (Puducherry) 133 (65, 73).
Boys under-17 Over 102kg class: 1. Akhand Pratap Singh (Uttar Pradesh) 217kg (97, 120); 2. Nilesh Mahendra Yadav (Gujarat) 156 (65, 91); 3. KM Prasanth (Kerala) 151 (62, 89).
Girls under-17 Over 81kg class: 1. Maibam Martina Devi (Manipur) 158kg (71, 87); 2. Priti Pramod Deshmukh (Maharashtra) 151 (69, 82); 3. Mohana Priya (Tamil Nadu) 133 (61, 72).

KIYG 2020 Medal Tally
State Gold Silver Bronze Total
Maharashtra 78 77 101 256
Haryana 68 60 72 200
Delhi 39 36 47 122
Uttar Pradesh 32 26 22 80
Karnataka 29 28 30 87
Tamil Nadu 22 32 22 76
Assam 20 22 34 76
West Bengal 19 14 20 53
Gujarat 16 16 20 52
Punjab 16 15 28 59
Rajasthan 15 24 12 51
Madhya Pradesh 15 11 20 46
Kerala 15 5 20 40
Manipur 14 20 20 54
Telangana 7 6 8 21
Chandigarh 6 2 9 17
Odisha 5 8 8 21
Andaman & Nicobar 5 2 1 8
Uttarakhand 4 4 11 19
Tripura 4 1 0 5
Jharkhand 3 9 7 19
Andhra Pradesh 3 7 7 17
Arunachal Pradesh 3 5 4 12
Mizoram 3 2 5 10
Himachal Pradesh 2 3 2 7
Jammu & Kashmir 2 3 1 6
Chattishargh 1 2 4 7
Bihar 1 1 7 9
Goa 0 3 9 12
Daman & Diu 0 2 1 3
Ladakh 0 0 1 1
Puducherry 0 0 1 1
Sikkim 0 0 1

Total 447 446 555

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