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President awards for service of classical languages

She also gave 17 Presidential Awards for Classical Tamil for the years 2005-06 to 2007-08. 
The total number of awards from the year 2008 onwards would be 15 awards for Sanskrit, one international Award for Sanskrit, consisting of one time monetary grant of Rs.5 lakh to each awards, 3 awards each for Arabic and Persian and one award for Pali/Prakrit, each carrying a monetary grant of Rs.50,000/- per annum for lifetime.  A Sanad and a shawl is also presented to each of the awardees by the President of India.

Presidential Award of Certificate of Honour is given in recognition of the outstanding contribution by various scholars of eminence over 60 years of age, in the field of Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian or Pali/Prakrit.  They could be from field of teacher, author or any way keeping the tradition of these languages alive.  From 2008 it has also been decided to institute one international award for Sanskrit to non-resident Indians or persons of non-Indian origin on the same lines of as of award to an Indian.

Young scholars of (Sanskrit, Pali/Prakit, Arabic and Persian) in the age group of 30 to 40 years, who have made a breakthrough in the interdisciplinary studies involving contribution of these languages or the ancient Indian wisdom, to the process of synergy between modernity and tradition are granted Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman on this occasion every year.  This Award carries a one-time cash award of Rs.1.00 lakh along with a Sanad and a shawl, which is presented by the President of India.  A maximum number of 5 young scholars of Sanskrit and one each in Pali/Prakrit, Arabic and Persian are conferred with the award every year.
Presidential Awards for scholars in classical Tamil were instituted from 2005-2006 with provision of eight (8) awards each year .

List of Awardees for the year 2008
1.                  Prof. K. Hayavadana, Puranik
2.                  Dr. Vishnubhatla Subrahamanya Sastry
3.                  Dr. Uma Ramana Jha
4.                  Prof. (Dr.) Smt. Aruna Goel
5.                  Shri Nar Deo Shastri
6.                  Dr. M.E. Rangachar
7.                  Dr. Keshavrao Musalgaonkar
8.                  Smt. Saroja Bhate
9.                  Pandit Baikuntha Bihari Nanda
10.              Pandit Satya Narayan Shastri
11.              Shri Ananthakrishnan Sivarnamakrishna Sastry
12.              Shri Janardan Pandey
13.              Pandit Purushottama Tripathi
14.              Shri Bhabani Prasad Bhattacharya
15.              Dr. Sitanath Acharya
1.                  Prof. Gokul Chandra Jain
1.                  Dr. Zohurul Bari Azmi
2.                  Muhammad Burhanuddin Sambhali
3.                  Dr. Taqi UD Din Nadwi
Dr. Idris Ahmad
Dr. Syeda Bilqis Fatima Husaini
Prof. Marghoob Banihali
In addition, the President also gave away the Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman to the following scholar of Sanskrit:
1.         Prof. K. Ramasubramanian
The List of Awardees for the year 2009 is as follows:
1.                  Prof. Kompella Ramasuryanarayana
2.                  Prof.(Dr.) Vachaspati Sharma Tripathi
3.                  Dr. Ramakant Shukla
4.                  Prof. Vishwa Murti Shastri
5.                  Dr. N.S. Anatha Rangachar
6.                  Dr. N. Gopala Panicker
7.                  Dr. Sudyumna Acharya
8.                  Prof. Keshao Ramrao Joshi
9.                  Dr. Bhagaban Panda
10.              Dr. (Smt.) Kamal Anand
11.              Pt. Badari Prasad Shastri
12.              Pt. Annadur Rajagopala Chariar
13.              Prof. Ram Chandra Pandey
14.              Prof. Ashok Kumar Kalia
15.              Dr. Samiran Chandra Chakrabarti
Sanskrit International
1.         Prof Sheldon Pollock
1.         Dr. Dharma Chandra Jain
1.                  Prof. Shabbir Ahmad Nadvi
2.                  Prof. (Dr.) Shah Abdus Salam
3.                  Shri Abullais Ansari
1.         Prof. (Smt.) Rehana Khatoon
2.         Dr. Mohd. Yaseen Quddusi
3.         Prof. Syed Mohammad Tariq Hasan
In addition, the President also gave away the Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman to the following scholars of Sanskrit and Persion:-
1.         Dr. Malhar Arvind Kulkarni
2.         Dr. Sachchidanand Mishra
3.         Dr. Narayan Dash
4.         Dr. Sashibhusan Mishra
1.         Dr. Asad Ali Khurshid
The following scholars of Classical Tamil have been given ‘The Presidential Awards for Classical Tamil’ for the years 2005-06, 2006-07 and 2007-08:-
1.         Tholkappiar Award (2005-06)
(i)         Prof. Adigalasiriyar
2.         Kural Peedam Award (2006-07)
(i)         Dr. George L. Hart, USA
3.         Young Scholar Award
(a)        For the year 2005-06
(i)         Dr. R. Aravendan (Thamotharan)
(ii)        Dr. Y. Manikandan
(iii)       Dr.S. Kalaimagal
(iv)       Dr. Va. Mu. Se. Muthuramalinga Aandavar
(v)        Dr.K. Pajanivelou
(b)        For the year 2006-07
(i)         Dr. S. Chandra
(ii)        Dr. Aranga Pari
(iii)       Dr. Mu. Elangovan
(iv)       Dr. M. Bhavani
(v)        Dr. R. Kalaivani
(c)        For the year 2007-08
(i)         Dr. A. Selvarasu
(ii)        Dr. P. Velmurugan
(iii)       Dr. A. Manavalagan
(iv)       Shri S. Chandrasekaran
(v)        Dr. S. Simon John

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