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What was crime of my child? , asks wailing mother of Pradhyumn



Sushma Thakur , the wailing mother of Pradhyumn, the 7- year old boy who was brutally murdered at a Gurugram School few month back continues to ask a question repeatedly: “What was the fault of my child? I sent my kid to school for education but his throat was slit there. My world is shattered.” She cries. But is there anyone who can answer the bereaved mother’s pathetic question?

Her painful emotions of irreparable loss have been effected into lyrics by noted author Dr Birbal Jha and sung by Sanjana Priyadarshini.

The heart-rending song uploaded on youtube compels every eye to shed tears and ponder over what education is being imparted in such a school and where the system is heading to. Hence, yet another question arises how to control such an alarming tragedy at schools.

”I heard the sobbing mother Sushma crying for the answer to the question- Kyan Gunah Tha Mere Bache Ka…. and also saw unending tears rolling down her cheeks when I met her. The never ever-seen -such – emotions gushing out of a mother moved me like anything and I decided to translate her acute pains into words of lyrics in order to acquaint the world with the heart of the mother and work for child safety” said noted author and lyricist, Dr Birbal Jha.

“Such a heinous and ruinous crime at school urgently calls upon intelligentsia to make social interventions and press upon the system to ensure the safety, security and righteous education of children across the country,” said social thinker and activist Dr Birbal.

The child was murdered by slitting his throat in the washroom of the Gurugram School and matter is in the court with CBI probe revealing how brutality took place in the abode of learning.

The video song is viral and on YouTube channel alone, around 75 lacs people across the globe have viewed, with thousands of hours making a record.

On the occasion of Child Safety Campaign, the song was released a few months back by Pradhyumn Foundation set up by the deceased’s father Barun Chandra Thakur who says “I have lost the most precious – my child but now I want to compassionately work for the safety and security of children across the nation with the support of common people”.

The safety campaign was led by former Supreme Court judge Gyan Sudha Misra who took to streets on the day. She was accompanied by hundreds of emotional parents.

Advocate Sushil Tekriwal fighting for Barun Chandra Thakur said,“In more than two decades of my legal practice I had never seen such a case wherein a child was murdered in such a diabolic manner.

The link of youtube song -Kya Gunah Tha Mere Bache Ka:

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