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How to Use a Face Serum: Expert Guide for Beginners


Any skin care pages generally suggest cleansing, toning moisturising, more commonly known as the CTM routine for skin care. Many people miss out on the addition of face serum to rejuvenate the glow on your face. Before getting to know how to use face serum to benefit your skin’s glow, you need to first understand what a face serum is, its functions, how to use it, and how to choose the suitable serum for your face.

Face serum 

Face serum is applied before moisturising your face. This is the third step to be followed after cleansing and toning. The reasons why face serums are applied are to slow down ageing, clear dark spots, acne, hyperpigmentation, clogged pores, sensitive skin, dehydration and unevenness in the skin, redness, etc. The face serum composition is of several tiny molecules that can penetrate deeper into the skin leading to quick and better results.

You need to make sure that you apply only a tiny dollop of face serum on your face. Apply all over as a thin layer. The serum has to be massaged until it is fully absorbed into your skin’s surface.

How to buy the right face serum? 

Just because it’s from a huge brand, it doesn’t mean that that face serum would suit everyone’s needs. Consider certain things before choosing a face serum.

  • Skin type

First, consult a dermatologist or take any good skin test to check what your skin type is. If you end up using a face serum that dries up your already dry face, then using a serum will be pointless. It would be best if you bought the face serum according to your skin type.

  • Problems with your skin 

As already mentioned, the face serums aim to work on many issues relating to the skin. Few face serums work well on certain problems. Some of the major skin problems and ingredients that work on it are listed below.

Ingredients like hydrators present in high concentration in the face serum are good for dehydrated skin as they avoid water from escaping from the surface of the skin. 

When antioxidants are present in high concentration, it helps prolong ageing and acts as an excellent sunscreen. 

If you are facing issues like inflammation, then check for the concentration of zinc. When your skin has too many dark spots, you need to check if there are natural ingredients like zinc that aids skin lightening.

How to use your serum properly? 

Follow these steps to use your serum and face cream properly. 

  • Patch test

 It is always recommended to go for a patch test before full-time application. 

  • Don’t use in large quantity

When you use too much serum, it leads to irritation. Please don’t use it without cleansing your skin. If your skin is dry, then apply the serum when your skin is already damp. If your skin has sensitivity issues, make sure you pat dry your face and then use a serum. 

  • Best to use at night 

Serums generally interfere with fragrances and other colour products used on the skin. So, if you’re going to apply extensive makeup on your face, then it is not recommended to use a serum. So, apply it before sleeping at night. 

These are some of the things which beginners need to know regarding the usage of face serum. There could be other important points as well. But make sure you adhere to these must to do things for a face serum

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