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Bajrang Dal beat up Muslim Sadhus found begging with Bull in Bihar



In yet another example of how “little tradition” in India is being trampled by the Hindu zealots is the news of six Muslim Sadhus were mercilessly beaten by the members of Bajrang Dal, on July 25 at Kadamghat in district Hajipur, Bihar.

The reason was the saffron brigades found these men to be dressed as sadhus but were Muslims and begging with Basaha bulls. They first accosted these beggars on the street of Hajipur and surrounded them to inquire about their identity.

These Muslim men had no hesitation in showing their Adhar cards to reveal their identity. They were; Karim Ahmed (38), Syed Ali (40), Hassan (30), Mehboob (32), Haleem Ahmed (35), and Subrati (30) all residents of two villages in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh.

They explained to the members of the Bajrang dal that this is their profession for generations and have been earning their livelihood this way for years.

However, the Bajrang Dal members oblivious of such myriad Indian traditions did not believe in any such explanation and mistook them as part of a terror network and beat them mercilessly. They even made a video of their brave act to go public. They handed over these beggars to the local police.

The local police during the interrogation found nothing incriminating against these Muslim beggars. ‘The beggars were neither involved in any criminal act nor had violated any law and nothing suspicious was found about them, Subodh Singh, the police officer in charge of the Hajipur town police station said after releasing the Muslim sadhus.

He confiscated the Basaha bulls considered sacred and symbolize purity during the ongoing month of Sawan and sent them to a local Gaushala.

The police officer said, “During the interrogation the beggars said, their forefathers too begged with sacred bulls, and they are doing so as per their age-old tradition.”

The Muslim Sadhus belong to the ‘Fakir Caste’ and their profession is to beg and earn their livelihood. It’s not uncommon in Bihar and UP where Muslims belong to the Shah or Sai communities (so-called beggar castes) to do such activity. They have been doing it for generations, dressed up in saffron attire and begging with Basaha bulls.

These bunches of Muslim Sadhus beg in the name of lord Shiva and sing bhajans in his praise to earn their livelihood. The Hindus never took objection to such activities and give them alms generously as they show love and respect towards Hindu deities.

The Hajipur police have lodged a case against Bajrang Dal member Veer Kumar Singh and half a dozen other unidentified persons for assaulting the Muslim beggars and disrupting communal harmony. However, they have not made any arrests so far in this case.

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