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A Visit to Sariska with Family



By S Kumar

Rajasthan is generally overlooked when it comes to tourism as many believe it to be nothing more than just desert. Not many realise that Rajasthan is a beauty hidden among the deserts. Sariska is one such gem of Rajasthan. Located at a distance of 107 km from the pink city of Jaipur, this place has natural attractions, historical forts, and temples. It also holds historical importance as it used to be a summer retreat for the Rajputs of Alwar. All of these make Sariska a great tourist attraction, especially for families travelling together. The best time to visit Sariska is during September to march as the temperature is cooler and suitable for outdoor activities.

Planning the Trip

I had heard that it is best to visit Sariska between September and March. So for the winter break from work, I decided to plan a trip to Sariska with my family. My cousin and I got together and planned a 4-day trip to Sariska for our families. Both our parents were quite aged and would prefer to travel in a car instead of public transport. And we were also 7 members in total. So I suggested that we hire a taxi for the trip. My cousin agreed with this idea and started to look for some cabs online.

A simple search brought us across Savaari cab services. We went over to the website and left a message, soon after which we got a call from a Savaari executive. We explained our requirement to the executive and he suggested a comprehensive and affordable package for both the families. They also mentioned that the drivers would be with us at all times, which meant that we had the convenience to visit any place we wished to, according to our own timelines. Thanks to Savaari, cab booking in Jaipur is easy and convenient.

Travelling to Sariska by Road

I instructed the drivers to pick the families up from our homes by Friday morning. As requested, the drivers arrived at the doorstep at 7 am sharp. We soon departed and met the other family along the way, after which we travelled the distance together.

Sariska was only about two and a half hours away from Jaipur, and we had stopped mid-way to have some breakfast. The drivers seemed polite and professional, and we were happy that they had each others’ company throughout our trip.

We were able to get accommodation in Sariska for our families. And I also noticed that Savaari had planned accommodation for their chauffeurs as well. They were located quite close to our hotel room as well. This made it easier for us to reach out to the drivers whenever we were ready to head out.

Right after we reached Sariska, we headed to the Sariska national park. We were all able to go on a safari where we got a glimpse of the Royal Bengal tigers. We also had a guide with us who would explain the different forms of wildlife in the national park.

After a whole day spent in the park, we retired to our resort for the night and rested well. But even after spending an entire day at the park, we hadn’t covered it all, as it was quite a large park. So, on the second day, we covered the second half of the park, where we saw nilgai, leopards, deers, and many other animals. On this day, we also visited the Silserh lake, which became a great picnic spot for us all.

On the third day, we set out early to explore the beauty of Sariska. We visited the Kankawari fort and also the infamous haunted fort of Bhangarh and then moved to Ajabgarh fort. Each of these places had tales of Rajput valour woven into them. We also visited the Sariska palace to learn more about Maharaja Jai Singh.

We saved the last day to visit temples and spend some time shopping and getting a few souvenirs to make the trip even more memorable. We visited the Hanuman temple in Pandupol, Neelkanth Mahadev temple, and also the Bhartrihari temple. Each of these had great historical and cultural importance, and it was unfortunate that a lot of them are only present today as ruins. However, we were all happy that we were able to interact with the rich culture of Rajasthan.

Distance between Jaipur and Sariska

Jaipur and Sariska are connected by national highways which are well maintained. Along the road, there are many eateries and restaurants that one can stop to take a break and get some refreshments. The drivers were also quite professional and had good driving skills, which made the drive comfortable for all the family members. And since we were able to hire a reliable and air-conditioned car in Jaipur for both the families, we were also able to tackle the heat of the day on our way.



3 thoughts on “A Visit to Sariska with Family”

  1. Interesting .. I must try this someday… Sariska is definitely on my list in next plan. Rajasthan is very popular tourism place in India. Here are very amazing historical places for visiting.

  2. First of all, I really appreciate your sharing your travel experience with us. The blog was really helpful as it gave me an insight into the place.

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