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6 Ways to Effectively Clean Your Electronic Devices


There’s a popular saying that our phones carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. It shouldn’t be all that surprising since we use our phones almost every waking second of the day, take them with us everywhere we go, even the bathroom.

It’s not just our phones, ask yourself this – do you wash your hands every single time before using your laptop, desktop, tablet, or kindle? Do you eat around your system while watching Netflix? Have you ever split something on it and didn’t think you cleaned it properly?

If you are not satisfied with your answers to the above questions, then here are 6 ways to effectively clean your electronic devices:

1.      Daily cleaning of your electronic device’s screen with a microfibre cloth

If you’re looking to clean your screen on a daily basis, then all you need is a microfibre cloth. Although, make sure you have a good quality cloth that specify they are meant for smartphones, tablets, etc.

Slightly dampen the microfibre cloth (do not get it wet) and clean the surface of the screen. Ensure you don’t get any moisture in the openings. Then take a dry microfibre cloth and wipe it off.

Make sure the device is unplugged and switched off during this entire process.

2.      Thorough cleaning of your electronic device’s screen with screen cleaner and microfibre cloth

You will need a touchscreen-safe antimicrobial spray or screen cleaner and microfibre cloth. You can purchase the spray/cleaner on online shopping websites such as Amazon or even at stores.

Unplug the device and turn it off. Use the spray on a microfibre cloth to dampen it (do not get it wet) and wipe the screen of the device carefully avoiding any openings. Wait for the amount of time mentioned on the product packaging and then wipe the screen with a fresh microfibre cloth.

3.      Use toothpicks to clean the micro-USB ports/openings in the device

A toothpick can help get out the dirt and lint that might have entered the ports on your electronic gadget, be it your phone, digital camera, or tablet. Toothpicks are thin and pointed so use them to gently clean out the ports without damaging any connector.

4.      Cleaning mobile/tablet covers with dish soap and microfibre cloth

Remove the cover from your device.

In a bowl add a few drops of dish soap to warm water and mix it. Then take a microfibre cloth and insert it gently into the bowl only to dampen it, not get it wet. Wipe the entire cover inside-out with the cloth. Then rinse the cloth, wring it, and wipe the cover again to remove any soap leftover. Finally take a dry cloth and wipe the cover again. If the cover is still not completely dry, leave it out until it is before inserting your device into it again.

5.      Cleaning keypads with compressed air or cellophane tape

If your device has a keypad/keyboard, it is possible that particles are stuck in between and they are extremely difficult to get out, especially food crumbs.

To clean your keypad using compressed air, place it sideways on a steady surface and let any debris fall out. Then use the gas duster and aim the straw sideways along all the openings of the keypad. Tap the remaining debris out. Cans of compressed air are easily available online and at stores.

If you don’t have compressed air, then place the sticky side of cellophane tape in between keys and remove it. Loose debris will stick to it.

6.      Cleaning washing machines and fridges

Whether you own your own machine or have a washing machine on rent, it needs to be cleaned periodically, otherwise it will smell. The simplest home remedy for this is to clean it with white vinegar and baking soda. Fill the washer with hot water and 3-4 cups of vinegar. Start the machine and leave it for a few minutes. Then add half a cup of baking soda and keep the machine running for up to an hour.

If you have a fridge on rent, immerse a clean cloth in vinegar water to clean the outside. Remove the shelves and wash with soapy warm water and leave it to dry.

Electronic devices are expensive, and we usually buy them for long-term use. But for them to sustain this long-term use, you need to clean them for optimal performance. Use these tips to effectively clean your electronic devices.

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