“Fat tax” : Will the Kerala govt measure check Obesity?

By Nirendra Dev One of my favourite Indian states, Kerala, made news lately with the Marxist-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) government slapping “fat-tax” on junk food. Obesity is stated to be a reason for this 14.5 per cent tax. Trust you – I have mallu (Malayali) friends among journos, half-journos and super-journos — of all … Continue reading “Fat tax” : Will the Kerala govt measure check Obesity?

Didi, a new hope for Sonar Bangla !

Mamata’s victory has a pattern of Basuism -Nirendra Dev The best part of West Bengal electoral battle of 2016 is the washout of the communists – a long deserving gift from the frustrated people. The worst part is perhaps the increased strength of mercurial and secular Mamata Banerjee. One is saying so with utmost restraints and … Continue reading Didi, a new hope for Sonar Bangla !

Election results: not much to celebrate for BJP

By Dr. Javed Jamil Apparently the results in the latest Assembly elections in five states appear to be a cause of big jubilation for the votaries of BJP and of utter disappointment for the Congress supporters. The truth however is that it can neither be regarded a big victory for BJP nor a big defeat … Continue reading Election results: not much to celebrate for BJP

Money and Education

By Dr. Raghuram Rajan, Governor RBI Convocation speeches are meant to give you one last set of issues to ponder on before you are let loose on the world. I will actually talk about two issues – an economic point deriving from my training as an economist, and a point about private universities deriving from … Continue reading Money and Education

Devil’s Own Country

Where is Justice for Jisha? The other day, I had a spat with a Facebook friend when he objected to my use of strong words like Devil and Satan for a human being. Quoting chapter and verse, he argued that man was God’s creation and such a creation could never be called a devil or … Continue reading Devil’s Own Country

Mighty Jets: 55 Years of Strategic Reach

Mighty Jets, one of the oldest Transport Squadron of Indian Air Force with its motto of “Ishtam Yatnen Sadyet” that translates into “Achieve Goals through Perseverance”, celebrates its 55th Anniversary on 31 Mar 2016. It was raised in Chandigarh with AN-12 aircraft in 31 Mar 1961 under command of then Wing Commander TN Ghadiok in … Continue reading Mighty Jets: 55 Years of Strategic Reach

Quota, Private or Public and Political Dilemma

By Dr. Afroz Alam Recently, three important developments took place on the issue of reservation scheme in the country, besides mobilisations of Patels of Gujrat, Kapus of Andhra Pradesh and Jats of Haryana. First, RSS slightly changed its classical stand from complete overhauling of reservation to excluding affluent from reservation dividends in the field of … Continue reading Quota, Private or Public and Political Dilemma

India in the Global Economy

By Dr. Raghuram Rajan The global economy is finding it hard to restore pre-Great Recession growth rates – every report of the IMF seemingly downgrades its previous growth forecasts. Why has the recovery been so slow? The immediate answer is that the financial boom preceding the Great Recession left industrial countries with an overhang of debt, … Continue reading India in the Global Economy

Towards Rules of the Monetary Game

By Dr. Raghuram Rajan There are few areas of robust growth around the world, with the IMF repeatedly reducing its growth forecasts in recent quarters. This period of slow growth is particularly dangerous because both industrial countries and a number of emerging markets need high growth to quell rising domestic political tensions. Policies that attempt … Continue reading Towards Rules of the Monetary Game

‘It is narrow, selfish, arrogant Nationalism’

By PROF. SUGATA BOSE “I sometimes fear that those who are defining nationalism so narrowly will end up one day describing Rabindranath Tagore, the composer of our National Anthem, as anti-national if they read some of the sentences in his book on nationalism,” said Trinamol Congress MP Prof. Sugata Bose while taking part in discussion … Continue reading ‘It is narrow, selfish, arrogant Nationalism’



Ankur Mittal wins Gold medal in Men’s Double Trap event at ISSF

Young Indian shooter Ankur Mittal won Gold medal in the Men's Double Trap event at the International Shooting ...

Bakshi Stadium set to develop modern footaball facility as per FIFA norms

Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar is all set to be developed as a modern football facility as per FIFA norms at an es ...



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