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Seminar on Madrasa Education

The seminar “Restructuring Madrasa Eduction: Problems and Prospects” will focus on the possibilities of integrating religious and secular subjects in all the Islamic educational institutions in India.

The seminar is part of the national inauguration of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Darul Huda Islamic University.

The function will be attended by dignitaries from different fields. It will mark the commencement of various programs to be conducted all over India as a part of Silver Jubilee celebrations of Darul Huda which is a prominent Islamic educational institution in South Kerala, marked for its integration of religious and contemporary education.

The inaugural session will be attended by noted journalist Kuldip Nayar, Minister of state for external affairs E. Ahmad, Sayyid Swadiq Ali Shihab,  Dr. Usman Ibrahim Libya, Dr. Bahauddin Muhammed Nadwi, VC of Darul Huda and Prof. Shahid Mahdi, Vice President ICCR.
Yoginder Sikand (Banglore), Prof. Akhtar Wasey (JMI), Dr. Arshad Alam (JMI) and Dr. Faisal Hudawi(DSE) will present papers on Madrasa Education in India. Teachers and students from JNU, DU, JMI and AMU will participate in the seminar as special invitees.


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