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Jamaat Islami appeals people to take precautions against Covid-19

AMN / New Delhi

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has appealed people to take necessary precautions and follow the government’s guidelines against Coronavirus pandemic.

JIH President Syed Sadatullah Hussaini in a statement said: “The global Coronavirus pandemic is a challenge and a test for the entire world. The increasing number of those infected with the virus in our country and the expected spread of the pandemic in the future is a matter of great concern. All the citizens of the country should remain alert in these conditions. The communique and instructions published by the government, various departments and concerned health-experts should be strictly followed –

The biggest reason for the spread of the pandemic is the gathering of people. Hence, big ijtemas, meetings and functions should be avoided in the present conditions. If it is indispensable to conduct a small meeting then all the necessary precautions should be exercised while conducting the same.

Try to avoid travelling as far as possible. People should remain in their own places. This is the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in these conditions.

The Friday prayer and sermon should be brief; people should disperse after the prayer and offer the “Sunnat” prayers at home.

The daily five prayers should also be short. Only the “Fard” prayers should be offered in the mosques. People must perform ablution at home. Special attention must be paid to cleanliness in the mosques. If possible, an arrangement for sanitizers should be made.

The people, who have cold, fever, cough and sneezing should not go to the mosques. The old, the sick and children should be advised to pray at home.

The protest movement that is going on against the CAA-NRC-NPR should continue but keeping in mind the local conditions, it should be organized in such a way that people’s lives are not endangered and the instructions issued by the Department of Health are not violated.

The virus spreads from person to person. Healthy people despite being infected by the virus can remain healthy and by infecting the weak, can cause their death. Islam prohibits both endangering yourself and putting others to danger (la zarar wala zaraar). Hence, everybody should try not to become the source of spreading the disease and for that he/she should adopt all possible precautionary measures.

Where there is a need to exercise precaution, there should not be any persistence/compulsion on the things that hold the status of ‘mubah’ (permitted) and ‘mustahab’ (recommended) in Islam.

In this regard, all the local units of Jamaat and our cadres should cooperate fully with the government and Department of Health. They should try continuously to create awareness in the people.

All these conditions remind us of the immense power of the Creator of the Universe and the helplessness of man. Let us turn to God in these conditions. Let us repent and seek His forgiveness. Let us ensure the recitation of “masnoon” prayers that save us from calamity. Let us pray continuously for the safety and good health of our family, nation and humanity.

These conditions also remind us of our “dawati” responsibilities. They obligate us to draw the attention of people of our county to their Lord and Creator. We should remind people that one of the main reasons for natural calamities is the cruelty, oppression, corruption and unrest in this world. Hence, all of us should introspect and carry out our self-evaluation.”

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