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India offers help to quake-hit Japan

“India stands in full solidarity with the government and people of Japan at this hour,” he said in a letter to his Japanese counterpart Naoto Kan.

Singh said “we are ready to help Japan in any way required and our resources are at your disposal”.

The Prime Minister said he was shocked to learn about the devastating quake that has hit the coast of Japan causing huge damage to life and property.

He expressed his heartfelt condolences to the people who have suffered or lost their near and dear ones in the disaster.

Meanwhile, there were no reports of any casualties amongst the approximately 25,000- strong Indian community in Japan.

“India conveys its sympathies to the government and people of Japan who have been affected by the severe earthquake and tsunami that hit parts of Japan today afternoon. We are saddened by the loss of life and extensive damage to property and infrastructure,” the Ministry of External Affairs said here.

Noting that there were no reports of any casualties among the approximately 25,000-strong Indian community in Japan which is concentrated in the Kanto and Kansai regions, the MEA said “our Embassy in Tokyo and Consulate in Osaka are in touch with community members and verifying the situation on the ground.”

The MEA said it is monitoring the situation closely and would take all necessary steps required as per exigencies. A control room has been established in the Indian Embassy in Tokyo which can be contacted on phone numbers 00813 32622391 to 97, it said.

No tsunami threat to India from Japan quake: Govt

India faces no threat of tsunami from the massive earthquake that hit Japan on Friday, Government said, allaying fears of the repeat of 2004 when the southern parts of the country were devastated by the tidal waves.

“As of now I am informed there is no threat of such tsunami hitting any part of our country,” Minister of State for Earth Sciences Ashwani Kumar told reporters hours after the quake of 8.9 magnitude struck in Japan.

He said the Hyderabad-based Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) is monitoring the situation and is in touch with its counterpart in Indonesia and Philippines.

The current tidal situation is being monitored on a “minute to minute” basis, the Minister said.

He said normal movement of the tsunami would be from east of Indonesia to western side and then northwards.

The Union Home Ministry, in a statement, also said INCOIS has informed that the tsunami threat does not exist in respect of India.

In Hyderabad, National Disaster Management Authority, Vice-Chairman M Sashidhar Reddy told reporters, “In less than eight minutes, the INCOIS which has a tsunami early warning centre, issued a bulletin in which it has been clearly stated India does not have any threat.”

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