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Top Street Foods to Relish in Indore

When in India, consider gluttony a virtue. We would recommend that the only true way to experience the richness of the country’s diversity is through your taste buds.

And as much as food stands for comfort and familiarity of your home, especially if you are a migrant to a new city, there are plenty of good eating places for the adventurous soul. Indore, the most populous city of Madhya Pradesh and the land of Rajwada Palace and Lal Bagh Palace is right up the list with its scrumptious street food.  A bite of traditional Indori dishes will surely leave you craving for more. Needless to say, with the city fast becoming an education hub, you are likely to find large groups of students from various PG in Indore getting familiar with the city through its popular food joints. When in Indore, these are the things that you should try:


Namkeens are salty snacks that are popular across India. Out of all of them, Indori Namkeen has carved a niche of its own due to its crispier and richer flavour. Indori namkeen has myriad versions. It is a much-loved specialty that you will love to take back home for your family and friends. 

Bhutte ki Kees:

Maize commonly known as bhutta, is loved across India. It is consumed as a roasted snack and is rich in bioflavonoids, fiber and carotenoids. Bhutte ki kees is a speciality of the city, made by boiling corn and mashing the grains. They are then mixed with gram flour and spices and fried. It is an absolute delight to savour. 

Mawa Batti:

Resembling gulab jamuns, mava batti is a delicacy of Madhya Pradesh. Mava Battis are sweet balls made of maida dipped in sugar syrup and stuffed with crispy nuts.   Whenever you visit Indore, this dish is a must-try, especially from the stalls around Chappan Dukan.

Dal Bafla:

A cousin of the Rajasthani dal- bati or Bihari litti, dal bafla It is made by baking wheat, curd and spices. To give it a scrumptious flavour, these balls are soaked in water and then boiled. Once the ingredients have blended smoothly, they are put into an oven for baking. Dal Bafla makes a wholesome meal.

Moong Bhajiya:

Moong Bhajiya is a popular evening snack in Indore. It consists of a crispy fried mixture made of crushed herbs and lentils. It is best served when hot.


Winter gives another reason to cheer in Indore. Garadus are deep-fried yams that are made crunchy by using specific spices.    The touch of lime enhances its flavour. This dish is relished by residents of Indore and tourists alike.

Khopra Patties:

These are a version of aloo tikkis that are stuffed with grated coconut. Khopra patties are deep-fried until the balls attain a golden-brown shade. These are served with tangy chutney. 


As the name suggests, it is a bigger version of jalebi- an Indian sweet dish.  For jalebi-lovers, it is a value for money and can be consumed as a dessert, or a snack.

Street food comes to the rescue of students studying in Indore and longing for tasty food. But trust us, when we say, you don’t need to compromise with poor PG or hostel food and survive by eating out anymore. Over the years, the city has seen the rise of professionally managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living. They’ve created F&B systems where residents are served high quality, hygienic and yummy meals (including delectable regional cuisines). So while you relish the street food of Indore, make sure to book yourselves into a managed accommodation and enjoy a wholesome living experience in the city.

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