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Giveaway Contest, A Social Media Influencer Helping Businesses to Grow Twitter:- @GA_Contest01

People were trying to find ways to make money from the comfort of their homes since the starting of lockdown. Crypto exchanges took advantage of this desperation. Previously, people who cared about crypto were traditional traders and people who were already in finance. But all of a sudden, regular people who have never invested a penny in stocks or markets are talking about crypto or Bitcoin to be specific. This is a direct result of exchanges hiring celebrities and influencers like @GA_Contest01 promoting Bitcoin & NFTs
In a world where there are several ways to notch up the game of digital marketing, influencer marketing has its own buzz and space. Giveaway Contest is one such social media influencer who has been reaching all the heights with its unique way of promoting brands.
It has been a first choice for those who are looking to promote their social media accounts, Crypto-currency projects, NFT projects, and gaming platforms. Serving for more than a year now, Giveaway contest has made it’s root deeper than any other social media influencer. As when it’s about trustworthiness and professionalism , Giveaway Contest has topped the list. After all, getting more than 348k followers on Twitter and almost similar number of clients within a year is not a doddle.
Today, consumers aren’t patient enough to browse about everything they come across. Instead they scroll through their social media handles like Twitter, Facebook and dig into influencers profile before proceeding with things like Crypto Currency, NFT Projects and many more.
The best thing about Giveaway Contest is that one doesn’t need to go through the long hustling process to expand the reach of their brand. It’s just a DM away and its reach extends to the millions of target consumers in a few hours who maybe interested in the product or service. As the saying goes- ‘active followers are like sums of dollar’, and it may well suit the current digital era.
Giveaway contest has been at the front of the digital marketing space as according to analytics, more than a three-fourth of its followers are active ones. Therefore, Giveaway contest gives an edge over any other social media influencers in boosting brands.
Well, that’s what they promise for. Going with their tag line- ‘To Grow Your Business’.

Twitter profile Link :-

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  1. I am also a follower of GA_Contest01 they are great in term of promoting nfts and crypto projects.

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