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Jamaat-e-Islami voices concern over killing of SIMI undertrials in Bhopal

AMN / New Delhi/

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) today voiced grave concern over the killing of eight SIMI undertrial activists in an ‘encounter’ by the police in Bhopal.

simi-activists-bhopal“We are highly disturbed at the news of 8 undertrial prisoners being killed near Bhopal by the police. Some media reports are suggesting that it was a fake encounter as the entire episode raises a lot of uncomfortable questions like: Was it possible for the accused to scale over 30 feet high wall of the most secure jail in MP? How could they lay hands on weapons? Why are there contradictory statements from officials over whether prisoners had weapons or not. How they got new clothes, watches and bands? If they had connections to get weapons, why couldn’t they get a vehicle to escape? Why no policeman was injured in the ‘encounter’? Why were the CCTVs not functioning? How all of them moved together rather than dispersing and couldn’t go further in eight hours”? asked Muhammad Salim Engineer , the Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

The JIH Secretary General continued, “according to the lawyer of the accused the case against his clients was very weak and there was every likelihood that they would be acquitted soon. If this was the case then they had no reason to escape from prison. The whole incident bears a deep resemblance to the custodial deaths of Khalid Mujahid, Qateel Siddiqui and Mohammed Waqas”.

Salim Engineer said, ‘it is incorrect to state that we must not question the authenticity of the encounter as it would damage the morale of the police force. Rather, we must investigate how could terror accused escape from such a highly secure jail as the Bhopal Central Jail. We demand a high level enquiry under the supervision of the Supreme Court to bring out all the facts about the jail break and the encounter.”

84 killed in terror attack at Nice in France

Nice terror attack

Photo courtesy; Le Monde


At least 84 people have been killed and many injured as an attacker ploughed an explosive filled lorry into the crowds watching fireworks display on the Bastille Day National holiday at Nice, France, reports Le Monde.

The driver behind the wheel was shot dead by the police and his identification is being established. However, a newsagency reports that the driver was a 31 year old French-Tunisian man.

“According to our information, documents were found in the truck by investigators. They belong to a Tunisian living in France, hitherto known mainly for acts of violence but unknown anti-terrorist services. Checks are underway to ensure that these documents are those of the driver”, writes Le monde.

India strongly condemns terror attack in France

In a televised address, French President Hollande said that the terrorist nature of the attack on Nice cannot be denied.

Mr. Hollande said that, France will always be stronger than the fanatics who want to strike it. He said that the state of emergency is to be extended by three months in the country. It was supposed to end on 26th of this month.

Indian Ambassador in Paris is in touch with the Indian community in Nice. So far, no report of any Indians affected has came. The embassy has also launched a helpline number +33-1-40507070 (Repeat: +33-1-40507070).

Nice attack: Obama condemns’ horrible attack “

The President of the United States Barack Obama strongly condemned Thursday “what appears to be a horrible terrorist attack” in Nice, where at least 84 people in a truck launched at the crowd who attended the fireworks of 14 July.

“We are in solidarity with France, our oldest ally, when she faced this attack,” Obama said in a statement.

The precise US president that he asked his team to be in contact with the French authorities and the United States offered “any assistance they might need to investigate the attack and bring those responsible to justice “sending” thoughts and prayers “to the relatives of the victims.

“With 14-July, we remember (…) democratic values ​​that have made France an inspiration to the world,” he continues. “We know the values ​​of the French Republic will endure long after the tragic and devastating loss of lives,” he concluded.