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Osama Bin Laden left personal fortune of around $29 million in his will

Bin Laden feared implant in wife's tooth could track himAl-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden left a personal fortune of around 29 million dollars after his death in a raid in 2011, his will shows. The will is among a trove of documents released to US media. It was seized in the US assault in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

Bin Laden referred to the money as being in Sudan, but it is not clear whether it was cash or assets. Bin Laden lived in Sudan for five years in the 1990s as a guest of the Sudanese government.

The current batch is the second release of documents recovered during a 2011 raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, at the compound used to hide bin Laden.

In another letter regarding negotiations to releasing an Afghan prisoner, bin Laden was also worried about American surveillance and tracking devices.

“There will never be a meeting with the negotiators inside Waziristan (meaning any area that is within the photography parameters of the American aircraft), unless there is a tight plan that prevents the enemy from following these negotiators, and accordingly, following the brothers. It is obvious that the news may reach the Americans that the specific entity is negotiating with the mujahidin to secure the release of their prisoner,” he wrote to someone named Shaykh Mahmud.

“It is important to get rid of the suitcase in which the funds are delivered, due to the possibility of it having a tracking chip inside it,” he added.

Before the first release of the documents last May, U.S. intelligence made public portions of thousands of documents.

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