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Ultimate Guide to Choose Health Insurance Plans for Family


Inflation impacts the way a family manages its household expenses. Medical inflation is a reality that many families are coming to terms with. Healthcare has become expensive particularly at private hospitals.

These days, it is not just the older adults who face health risks, but a lot of youngsters too face the risks of lifestyle disorders. Medical emergencies can seriously impact a family which is not financially prepared.

Buying health insurance is a sensible move to safeguard one’s finances. Availability of good health insurance plans in India for family has made it easier for people to cover their family members under a single policy.

The premiums for family health insurance are quite affordable; especially when compared to the collective amount a family would pay for individual policy for each member. In addition, there are tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Buying a family floater policy is different from buying health cover for an individual. It is a process which demands thoughtful planning since the coverage should be sufficient to meet the expenses for the entire family.

We mention some factors you should keep in view when opting for a family health cover.

Sum Insured

The first step one should take is to assess healthcare requirements of every family member. Considering the health risks and other factors like location, one can decide on the coverage amount. Medical costs are rising at an alarming rate, thus it is good to opt for a high sum insured. Family health policies offer the benefit of increasing the sum insured amount at the time of policy renewal.

Lifelong Renewability

The best medical insurance in India includes the feature of lifelong renewability. This implies that the policyholder can get continued coverage by renewing the policy on time. So, when picking a family health cover, do ensure this feature is provided by the insurer. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that your policy offers.

Waiting Period

Family health plans come with a waiting period clause for certain diseases such as hernia, cataract, piles, etc. Also, there is a standard waiting period of 48 months for pre-existing diseases.

That is, the insured person is eligible to get the claim for treatment of any pre-existing ailment only after this waiting period is over. So, it is recommended to go for a policy which has a lower waiting period.


The feature of co-payment is included in many family health policies if the age of the eldest family member is above 61 years. Co-payment implies that the policyholder has to pay a certain percentage of the medical bills, as specified in the policy terms. The remaining amount is paid by the insurer. You can select a policy that does not have the clause of co-payment.

Age Factor

A family health policy would cover self, spouse, dependent children as well as parents. You must keep in mind the age of your family members when buying a family health insurance plan. If there are members who belong to the senior citizen category, it is better to invest in a senior citizen health insurance plan. Similarly, if any family member is dealing with a critical illness, then choose a separate policy which is suitable for their medical condition.


When buying a health cover for family, remember to read the policy exclusions. This is essential to know the conditions when you or your family members are not covered by the policy. This way you can be prepared to deal with those expenses.

Some Useful Tips to Secure Your Family’s Health

If your family grows, you should also ensure that the sum insured is sufficient to meet your expenses. In family floater policies, there is an option of adding new members to the existing policy. You can think about upgrading your health cover later on.

Furthermore, investing in a super top up plan is advantageous. Super top up plans provide an additional cushion to your existing health policy and cover the cumulative hospitalisation expenses that you incur in a policy year.

Secure your family’s health with ‘Care’ by Religare Health Insurance, a family health policy that offers you comprehensive coverage and a wide range of benefits.

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