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Coronavirus message to the Sin, Sinners and the Sinned

Syed Ali Mujtaba

At a time when the Corona monster is at our doorsteps and we are lockdown in the confinement of our homes, there is a realization that the human race can only survive in close cooperation and not in confrontation.

The global mechanization of power politics like power blocks, economic blocks and other such arrangements cannot save mankind and in this hour of trial tribulation only human being can each other to save humanity.

In the Indian belief system when the sin grows too much on earth then the supernatural force makes an intervention and cleans our planet from the sin, sinner and the sinned. This global threat from the Coronavirus is perhaps a result of such supernatural intervention.

Undoubtedly, the evil has now caught up the world with the scruff telling them that nations and rulers who think they alone can punish some helpless people because they control of state power must now realize how weak they are as bend on their knees begging for life.

Those nations and dictators thinking to be the lord and masters of the universe and capable to deliver infinite justice are now made to realize that there are some more powerful force mightier than thou who can show them their right place.

In other words the message from the Corona virus is that the nations and dictators that think they are mighty and invincible must realize that there are stronger powerful forces than thou.

It said that Corona Virus is the curse on the world from those subjugated people facing untold miseries from the nation states and its rulers. It is curse of the people who are living in the global trouble spots like Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Ugur and others, where human sufferings are uncountable. It’s their curse and sufferings that have made the world realize the true meaning of human sufferings.

Corona virus is making the world realize the curse and suffering of the subjugated people it can be fixed only when the wrong doings and evil designs are truly addressed.

As Corona virus comes face to face with the evil doers of the world and people are quarantined homes it is time for self-introspection and try making a balance sheet for evil doings and noble deeds. This applies to individuals and nations, communities and groups, regions and religion and so on and so forth.

This self-introspection should be based on the Indian belief system of Atma, Karma and Dharma. Atma is listening to one’s eternal voice and take action based on it. This voice of the Atma, determines one’s deeds or Karma. The actions based on Atma and karma is the dharma or the moral force that holds human being together.

The symbiotic relationship of Atma, Karma and Dharma steers the world in the path of peace and harmony. Perhaps Coronavirus is here to make us realize the value of respecting human beings and eschew the path of conflict and disharmony.

In this hour of trial and tabulation as an Indian it is not the time count the injustices that individuals and nation has done for political and religious gains but once we make an introspection of the actions done in recent past then we realize the how unjust these actions happen to be in the paradigm of Atma, Karma and Dharma.

Here are just a few cases that tell a real story of one’s Karma and Dharma. Was the action of the abrogation of Article 370 based on the voice of the Atma. Can the voice of the Atma put a very large number of people into agony misery and trouble?

Lynching human for the sake of animal, is it the call of Atma and such Karma fulfills one’s Dharma. Introspection on this is needed when we are fighting the evil of Coronavirus.

Demolition of the place of someone’s worship by claiming as its own is it the call of Atma and does such Karma fulfills one’s Dharma.

The judicial verdict on the disputed site against the aggrieved and making justice a mockery that rests on whim’s and fancies, is it the call of Atma and does such Karma fulfills one’s Dharma.

The Citizenship issue that involves thousands of human being discriminated and sent to detention camps, is it the call of Atma and does such Karma fulfills one’s Dharma.

One can go on giving the examples unjust decisions that do not comply with Atma and karma and no way satisfy the moral force or dharma that binds human kind together.

Perhaps Corona virus has come to the world to make the statement that sin, sinners and sinned must realizes the value of listening to the eternal voice of Atma, Karma and Dharma. As it alone determines one’s fate and their ill thought actions may bring peril to mankind.

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at

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