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JMB behind terror attacks in Bangladesh: Police Chief

Terror attack in Dhaka
Terror attack in Dhaka file photo


Bangladesh Police Chief AKM Shahidul Hoque has said the terror attack in Gulshan cafe in Dhaka on 1st July and the bombings at Sholakia Eidgah on Eid day were carried out by the banned militant outfit Jamatatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

Hoque was speaking to reporters in Kishoreganj after visiting the bombing site at Sholakia on Saturday. The police chief said the 5 terrorists killed in Gulshan cafe hostage attack were JMB members. Police had their details and were looking for them. He also said preliminary investigations indicate that JMB was involved in the Sholakia Eidgah bomb attack.

Both IS and Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) had claimed responsibility for the Gulshan attack in which 20 hostages including 17 foreigners were killed. But the police chief said law enforcers could not find any IS link to the attack. In the case of Sholakia Eidgah attack, in which 2 policemen and a Hindu women lost their lives, neither IS nor ABT had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hoque said on-duty policemen had indicated that at least 5-6 attackers were involved in the Sholakia Eidgah attack. One was killed and 2 have been caught, but there could be others involved or assisting them. The police chief said law enforcers are actively looking for them.

Dhaka terror victim Tarishi Jain’s body cremated

trishiThe mortal remains of 19-year-old Tarishi Jain, who was killed along with 20 hostages in the attack on a cafe in Dhaka’s high security diplomatic zone on Friday, were consigned to flames at a crematorium in Gurgaon on Monday.

Tarishi Jain, who had come home from the U.S. for summer vacations, had gone out to Holey Artisan Bakery with two of her friends on Friday evening when the terrorists stormed it. On Saturday, she was among the first victims of the Dhaka’s siege to be identified. Her friends Abinta Kabir and Faraaz Hossain were also killed in the attack.

Her father, Sanjeev Jain, has been running a garment business in Dhaka for over a decade.

Earlier External Affairs Ministry spokesperson said that Tarishi’s family has conveyed to the Ministry that they would like to perform her last rites away from media glare.

The spokesperson requested media to respect the bereaved family’s wishes.

Tarishi, a student of University of California in Berkeley, where she studied Economics, was in Dhaka on vacation.

Her father is in garment business in Dhaka for over two decades. She had gone with two other friends to the Gulshan cafe where she was killed along her friends.

Son of ruling Awami League leader among Dhaka attackers


A son of a member of the ruling Awami League of Bangladesh was among the militant killers who slaughtered 20 foreigners at a restaurant in Dhaka on Friday.

Dhaka killer

Rohan Ibne Imtiaz, the son of a member of the ruling Awami League and two other militants have been identified after their photographs were released. The other two killers appear to be Shamim Mubashir, who went to Scholastica — one of Dhaka’s top schools, which was also attended by Rohan — and Nibras Islam, who went to another elite School, Turkish Hopes, and also studied at Malaysia’s Monash University.

His Facebook page has a picture of him shaking hands with actress Shraddha Kapoor. Rohan’s father, S M Imtiaz Khan Babul, a leader of the party’s Dhaka City chapter and deputy secretary general of the Bangladesh Olympic Association, had lodged a police complaint on January 4 stating that his son was missing.

Earlier  Bangladesh government insisted that the killers were members of homegrown outfit Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh (JMB), rather than IS. Hossain Toufique Imam, political adviser to PM Sheikh Hasina, blamed ISI for facilitating the attack.

Pakistan’s ISI and Jamaat connection is well known…they want to derail the current government,” Imam told TV channel NDTV, adding, “All victims were hacked to death like Jamaat and local terror groups do”.

Most of the suspected Holey Artisan attackers, whose photos surfaced through different sources, were from well-off families and had English medium backgrounds.

They used to frequent the popular upscale eatery in Gulshan, said their friends and investigators.

One suspect, however, was a madrasa student in Bogra.

They remained missing for several months. Family members and friends through social media posts pleaded for their return.

One of them is Rohan Imtiaz, son of Imtiaz Khan Babul, a former youth and sports secretary of Dhaka City Awami League.

Imtiaz filed a general diary with Mohammadpur Police Station on January 1 this year after Rohan went missing on December 30, 2015, a police source said.
Rohan’s mother is a teacher at Scholastica, one of the leading English medium schools in the capital.

US-based Site Intelligence, which monitors jihadi activities, around 10:00pm on Saturday posted photos of five youths, saying the images were released by global terror body Islamic State (IS).

In the post, the five were mentioned as “Dhaka attackers”. All in black Panjabi and scarf, they were posing with guns.

Around an hour later, police headquarters released pictures of five dead bodies, saying they were the café attackers. Four of the dead appears to be the ones seen in the SITE photos.

The releases prompted social media users to crosscheck the pictures and look into educational and family backgrounds of the youths.

Bangladesh mourns deaths in Dhaka terror attack


HasinaTwo-day state mourning is being observed across the Bangladesh in memory of the persons who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in a Gulshan restaurant on Friday night.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared the mourning in her address to the nation last evening.

The state mourning is observing on July 3 and 4.

The National flag has been hoisted at half-mast, people wore black badges and prayers are being offered in mosques, temples, churches and all other places of worship.

Describing the terrorist attack on a Spanish restaurant in Gulshan as “very unfortunate”, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said the roots of the culprits who provided arms and explosives to the terrorists would be tracked down.

“We must find out the roots of the culprits who gave arms and explosives to the terrorists for committing the barbaric attack on the restaurant,” she said.

The Prime Minister came up with the assertion when Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs Seiji Kihara called on her at her official Ganobhaban residence here this morning.

After the meeting, PM’s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim briefed reporters.

The Premier said the terrorists earlier carried out secret killings, and the priests, fathers and monks were their target. “Many of the terrorists involved in the crimes were arrested,” she said.

The Prime Minister and the Japanese state minister agreed that Bangladesh and Japan would fight terrorism unitedly.

In this connection, Sheikh Hasina mentioned the terrorist attacks in France, Belgium, Japan and India.

The Prime Minister said the bodies of the Japanese nationals who were killed in the Gulshan attack would be handed over to the authorities concerned after the autopsy.

World strongly condemns Dhaka terror attack

Nine Italians, 7 Japanese, an Indian and two students attending a U.S. university were among those killed when militants stormed Holey Artisan Bakery, an eatery popular with foreigners in the diplomatic zone in Dhaka.


The international community has strongly condemned the terrorist attack at a restaurant in Dhaka which claimed the lives of 22 people, mostly foreigners, including an Indian girl.

Top leaders of Italy, Japan, France, UK, US, India and Malaysia have extended their condolences and support to Bangladesh.

dhaka terror attack

Italy, which lost 9 citizens in the attack, said it has been hit hard but is not on its knees. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in a statement condemned the attack in strongest terms, while Italy’s football players wore black mourning belt during their Euro match with Germany last night.

Japan, which lost 7 nationals, pledged to assist Bangladesh in the fight against terrorism.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe telephoned Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday and said he is sending his State Minister for Foreign Affairs to Dhaka shortly.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was one of the first to speak to Mrs Sheikh Hasina and pledge all support against terrorism. In a series of tweets, Mr Modi said India stands firmly with of Bangladesh in this hour of grief. He said, the attack in has pained India beyond words.

The United Nations Security Council also joined an international leaders condemning the attack. It reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. The Council underlined the need to bring perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of terrorism to justice.

Pope Francis denounced the acts as an insult to God and humanity.

The Bangladesh Prime Minister has appealed to people of the country to have faith in her government. In her address to the nation last evening, she urged everyone including the anti-terrorism units, the community police and the NGOs to unite to fight terrorism. Ms Hasina also declared two days national mourning.

Meanwhile heightened security arrangements continue in Dhaka with security personnel posted at all strategic points in the capital.

The crisis at the restaurant, which ended yesterday following an Army-led Commando operation to rescue the hostages. Six terrorists were killed in the operation, while one was captured alive. Arms and ammunition was also recovered.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh National Police Chief Shahidul Hoque told reporters in Dhaka that all gunmen were Bangladeshi citizens. He said, five of them were listed as militants and law enforcers had made several drives to arrest them.

Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the attack. However, Director General of Military operations, Brigadier General Naeem Ashfaq said, they cannot immediately say which group is behind the attack.