US President Joe Biden has urged Hamas to accept a new Israeli proposal to end the conflict in Gaza. The three-part proposal would begin with a six-week ceasefire in which the Israeli Defense Forces would withdraw from populated areas of Gaza. There would also be a surge of humanitarian aid, as well as an exchange of some hostages for Palestinian prisoners. The deal would eventually lead to a permanent cessation of hostilities and a major reconstruction plan for Gaza. US President said, this is the best way to begin winding down the deadly conflict.

In a statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that the war would not end until the return of all hostages and the elimination of Hamas military and governmental capabilities. He said the latest plan would allow Israel to maintain these principles.

The negotiators from Qatar and Egypt are pushing the Hamas political leadership to accept the ceasefire proposal mooted by Israel at the behest of the United States.

Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and the head of Egyptian intelligence, Major General Abbas Kamel met the Hamas political head, Ismail Haniyeh last night. They pushed the militant group to accept the proposal of Israel for a ceasefire.

The three-phase ceasefire proposal of Israel includes the release of hostages inclusive of women, children, elderly and injured. It also proposes that Israel forces would withdraw from the densely populated regions of Gaza including Rafah. There is to be a six-week ceasefire as part of this during the first phase. During this period, Israel and Hamas would negotiate the necessary agreements for phase two, which will be a permanent ceasefire.

In the second phase, all the hostages would be released and around 900 Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails would also be released. The third phase would lead to the reconstruction plan for Gaza and the release of any remaining hostages.


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