Renowned food and nutrition specialists, popularly known as Millet Man of India, Dr. Khader Vali has said that it is a myth that millets are animal or bird food. He stated that millets are human food as well and any disease can be eliminated if one eats millet. He was addressing the: FICCI Millet Conclave in New Delhi today. The theme of the conclave was mainstreaming Millets.

Dr. Vali added that Millet is the fiber that cleans our body. Minor Millets protect the human race and all the other species. It cleans our body and each and every human cell. He said Millet is the food for the whole planet.

Chairman -FICCI National Agriculture Committee TR Kesvan said the focus is on how to convince farmers that millets yield returns. He said that using less water and fewer resources millet can be grown on a large scale. Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar said that if we grow and consume millet, we will leave a healthier planet for future generations.