Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has informed that by the year 2030 the country’s Electric Vehicle (EV) market is expected to grow to ten million unit annual sales and create 50 million jobs. Addressing conference on the Safe, Secure, Sustainable Indian EV Standards in New Delhi, the Minister highlighted the importance of electric mobility in order to be a carbon-neutral country by 2070. He said, three million EVs have been registered in the coutry so far.

During his speech, Mr Gadkari said, India has become the world’s third largest automobile industry by surpassing Japan, however, pollution continues to be the biggest challenge to the industry. He said, around 65 thousand crore rupees are being spent to mitigate air pollution and traffic jam in the national capital alone. Highlighting the adverse impact of pollution not only on the environment but also on the Indian economy, the Minister added that India imports 85 percent of its fossil fuel as well.