Harpal Singh Bedi

New Delhi, 19th August : Hockey India on Saturday shortlisted 40 players for Sub-Junior National Coaching Camp, to be held from 21st August at the Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium in Rourkela .

The players have been selected on the basis of their recent performances in the Sub-Junior National Championships. Former national team captain Sardar Singh will serve as a mentor and Coach for the camp. 

 The Camp will serve as the epicenter for assembling the promising and adept young players from across the nation. The camp will be followed by international matches in Europe, where the players will have the opportunity to display their skills and test their mettle. 

The Camp includes goalkeepers Rahul Bhardwaj, Atif Khan, Abhimanyu Gouda and defenders Sukhmanpreet Singh, Mithlesh Singh, Nitin, Sohil Ali, Sami Rizwan, Pradip Mandal, Rohit Kullu, Vishal Pandey, Ashu Maurya, Ujjwal Pal.

The midfielders included in the camp are Neeraj, Rohit Tirkey, Ghuran Lohra, Rohit Pradhan, Suresh Sharma, Prabhjot Singh, Manmeet Singh Rai, Arun J, Rahul Rajbhar, Rahul Yadav, Afridi, Bijay Shaw, while the list of forwards comprises of Gurpreet Singh, Srijan Yadav, Happy, Sunil, Ritendra Pratap Singh, Aashir Aadil Khan, Deonath Nanwar, Deepak Pradhan, Yojin Minz, Harshdeep Singh, Ketan Kushwaha, Rohit Irengbam Singh, Ajeet Yadav, Sundarajith M, and Moohamed Jaeed. 

Speaking about the camp, Sardar Singh said, “The inception of the Men’s Sub-Junior Core Group stands as a pivotal moment in Hockey India’s ongoing journey to elevate Indian hockey to international prominence. This landmark initiative reflects Hockey India’s unyielding dedication to developing a dynamic pipeline of emerging talent, guaranteeing a prosperous future for men’s hockey on the world stage.” 

“The National Coaching Camp will provide an immersive experience for these young athletes. Rigorous training programs will focus on honing skills, enhancing physical fitness, refining tactical acumen, and bolstering mental resilience. I firmly believe that through providing these young athletes with premier coaching, cutting-edge facilities, and the opportunity to compete at the highest level, we have unwavering confidence in their capacity to excel and bring honour to our nation,” he added.