The Taliban regime celebrated its two years of power in Afghanistan yesterday. The Taliban took over the Afghan regime on the 15th of August in 2021. This happened after the United States decided to withdraw its forces leading to the collapse of the government led by former President Ashraf Ghani, who went into exile. To mark the anniversary, the Taliban declared a public holiday yesterday.

On the second anniversary, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said that their rule of Afghanistan is open-ended, drawing legitimacy from Islamic law, and faces no significant threat. Since the takeover by the Taliban, the regime has imposed several restrictions on women a ban on girls attending schools beyond sixth grade. Taliban authorities have imposed a number of restrictions on women, including enforcing a strict dress code in public, barring them from gyms and parks, and keeping women out of secondary and tertiary education. The United Nations has also accused the Taliban of practicing gender apartheid.