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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh yesterday approved a substantial increase in financial aid across various schemes aimed to strengthen the support systems for the ex-servicemen and their families. The Defence Ministry said that the financial assistance under the Vocational Training Grant scheme for widows of ex-servicemen has been increased from 20 thousand to 50 thousand rupees.

While, non-pensioner ex-servicemen or their widows will now receive an increased Medical Grant, with the amount being raised from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rupees. The Serious Disease Grant for non-pensioner ex-servicemen or their widows has been enhanced from one lakh 25 thousand to one lakh 50 thousand rupees.

The Ministry said that the increased financial assistance provisions stand as a testament to Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government’s recognition of the sacrifices made by the ex-servicemen and their families and its sincere desire to enhance their quality of life.

The Ministry said that currently the schemes are being run by Kendriya Sainik Board and funded from the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund. These revised financial assistance amounts will come into effect immediately and will be administered through streamlined processes to ensure that beneficiaries can access the increased aid without any unnecessary delays.