The NIA arrested Shamil Saquib Nachan in connection with the Pune ISIS module case for his alleged active involvement in promoting terrorist activities of terror group ISIS. This is the sixth arrest by the NIA in the case.

The accused, a resident of Padgha in the Thane district of Maharashtra, was found involved in the fabrication, training and testing of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) for the commission of terrorist acts. He had been working in collaboration with five other accused alongwith some other suspects. Two of the accused, were members of the ‘Sufa terrorist gang’. NIA had declared them ‘most wanted’ in a case relating to recovery of explosives from a car in Rajasthan in April 2022. These members of an ISIS sleeper module were operating from Pune.
The agency further said their probe into the ISIS Pune module case on the 3rd of August, 2023, has shown that the accused had plans to commit terrorist acts with the aim to disturb peace and communal harmony of the country. They had planned to wage a war against the government in furtherance of the ISIS agenda.