A group of tribals belonging to – Bharat Jakat Majhi Pargana Mahal – gheraoed BJP’s national vice-president Dilip Ghosh’s bungalow at Kharagpur on Wednesday.

The protesters, armed with traditional weapons and festoons, broke open the gate to enter the premises of his bungalow, demanding answers to the recent Manipur incident and the proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill.

Dilip Ghosh, the Member of Parliament from Midnapore, was not present at his residence as he is currently in New Delhi attending parliamentary meetings. However, he expressed his willingness to hear the allegations if the agitators engaged with his representative, Biswajit Agarwal.


One of the protestors told ABP Bangla that , ‘The brutal video that is being seen on the social media of the Manipur incident for the last few days is beyond words. The way tribal women were walked naked, the way they were brutally tortured, one was raped. The victim’s father and brother were beaten to death. Despite such heinous incidents, the administration there, in the BJP-ruled state of Manipur, is yet to identify the culprits and complete the process of punishing them. This incident is a kind of condemnation-message throughout the country. A few days ago, a BJP leader was seen urinating on the face of a tribal youth in the BJP-ruled state of Madhya Pradesh. Again and again this hellish persecution of tribals, killing of tribals, rape of tribal women, oppression of tribals in every possible way has crossed all limits in the BJP ruled state. We informed MP Dilip Ghosh that we will have a peaceful rally at his residence.’

Following the peaceful submission of a memorandum by an 11-member tribal representative group, the protesters sat in front of Ghosh’s residence and chanted slogans against the Central government and Ghosh himself.

The situation remains tense, with security personnel closely monitoring the situation at Ghosh’s residence. The protesters are awaiting a response from the BJP leader’s representative regarding their grievances concerning the Manipur incident and the UCC bill.