Hostile protest erupts on Tiddim Road Manipur- IFP


Taking notice of a recent quit notice issued by certain Mizoram-based CSOs to the Meitei community residing in Mizoram, three prominent civil bodies from Manipur have stepped forward, urging the Mizoram government to prioritise the safety of Meitei residents in their state.

The Peace Accord MNF Returnees’ Association (PAMRA), a former militant group from Mizoram, released a statement on Friday, urging the Meitei people living in Mizoram to leave the state immediately, claiming it is not safe for them.

Addressing the media in Imphal, the All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO), Poirei Leimarol, and the All Manipur Women’s Voluntary Association (AMAWOVA) expressed concern that the CSOs’ statement has caused panic among the Meitei community, who have been living in Mizoram peacefully for many years.

AMUCO president Ph Nando Luwang, speaking on behalf of the three organisations, emphasised that Mizoram as a neighbouring state should not be drawn into the ongoing crisis in Manipur.

Instead, they urged Mizoram, along with other Northeastern states, to aid in restoring peace in Manipur, he added.

He further called on the Mizoram government to engage in talks with the CSOs involved to prevent any untoward incidents and the potential spread of the crisis to Mizoram and the entire Northeast region.

If the crisis were to reach Mizoram, it could escalate rapidly and spread like wildfire throughout the entire Northeast region, he added.

They stressed that it is crucial for the people of Mizoram and their government to take necessary precautions to prevent the crisis from engulfing the neighboring states.


The Peace Accord MNF Returnees’ Association (PAMRA) on Saturday clarified that the release that it issued was an advisory requesting Meiteis living in Mizoram to exercise caution in the light of public sentiments regarding the ongoing ethnic conflict in Manipur and was not a diktat or a quit notice to Meiteis.

In view of the release by PAMRA which was construed and reported in some section of the press as a diktat to Meitei to leave Mizoram, the Mizoram government, represented by its Home Commissioner, H Lalengmawia, held a meeting with the representatives of PAMRA on Saturday.

During the meeting, the PAMRA expressed regret that their release was misconstrued and decided not to pursue with their press statement any further in order to maintain peace and tranquillity in the state, a release issued by the Home Department of Mizoram said.

It also informed that the home commissioner had briefed the PAMRA representatives about the steps and measures being taken by the Mizoram government on various fronts regarding the ethnic conflict in Manipur.


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