DKMS-BMST organized the “Two Wheels, One Mission” bike ride rally to spread the Lifesaving Message

BENGALURU- In a bid to raise awareness about blood cancer and encourage people to register as stem cell donors, DKMS BMST Foundation India, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting blood cancer and blood disorders, organized a bike rally on Saturday. Passionate bikers, dressed in vibrant red T-shirts, gathered in Indiranagar to actively participate in this impactful event.

Over 50 enthusiastic motorcyclists participated in the rally, which started from the DKMS-BMST office on CMH Road, Indiranagar, and concluded at Alliance Française de Bangalore, near Kanteerva Stadium. The rally route covered significant landmarks such as Vidhan Soudha, Cubbon Park, and Kanteerva Stadium, effectively spreading awareness about the scarcity of blood stem cell donors in India.

Prominent motorbike influencers such as Practical Kannadiga, Typical Kannadiga, KA_09_rider, and Geeky Akaash actively joined the rally and registered themselves as potential donors.

“As avid bikers, we believe in the power of the pedal and the strength of the community. Our exhilarating journeys to enchanting destinations across India have always brought us joy. Collaborating with DKMS-BMST for this bike rally allows us to combine our love for riding with a noble cause and raise awareness to support those fighting blood cancers,” expressed influencer Practical Kannadiga.

Stem cell transplantation can treat life-threatening blood cancer and blood disorders such as Thalassemia and Aplastic Anemia. For the transplant to succeed, patients need an HLA (tissue type) matched donor. The main challenge the Indian patients face is the critical shortage of blood stem cell donors in the donor pool. The chances for an Indian patient to find a matching donor are one in a million. Currently, over one lakh patients eagerly await potential life-saving heroes.

Patrick Paul, CEO, DKMS BMST Foundation India, emphasized the urgent need to address the lack of stem cell donors in India. He encouraged the youth to register as potential donors, stating, “This is the first time we have organized such a rally in Bengaluru. By joining us in this rally, the youth have taken a significant step in spreading the vital message of stem cell donation. Educating youngsters is pivotal in dispelling myths surrounding stem cell donation and encouraging them to come forward. Providing accurate information and debunking misconceptions that hinder potential donors is crucial. By empowering more young individuals with the right knowledge, we can inspire a new generation of donors and save countless lives. It all starts with you. Together, we can provide hope to those fighting blood cancer and other blood disorders.”

Motorbike influencer Typical Kannadiga expressed his honor in joining forces with DKMS-BMST for the bike rally, combining their love for riding with a cause that truly matters. He firmly believes that they have the ability to inspire others to become potential lifesavers and make a difference in the fight against blood cancer.

Another motorbike influencer, KA_09_rider, emphasized the powerful union between the biking community and the fight against blood cancer. He expressed his determination to push limits, conquer challenges, and demonstrate that their wheels symbolize hope.

Geeky Akaash a motorbike influencer, expressed his gratitude for collaborating with DKMS-BMST to raise awareness about blood cancer. He felt fortunate to ride for a cause that spreads hope and saves lives.

So far, DKMS BMST Foundation India has registered over 80,000 stem cell donors in the country and facilitated 90 transplants since its inception in 2019, significantly impacting the fight against blood cancer. The organization aims to register numerous donors in India and worldwide to give a second chance at life to as many patients as possible.