Australia’s new Labor government has secured a majority in Parliament. The centre-left party, led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, defeated Scott Morrison’s conservative coalition in an election on 21st of this month. A record vote for independents and minor parties had made it uncertain whether Mr Albanese would govern in his own right.

The election analysts said, now, Prime Minister Albanese  has the 76 lower house seats needed, after victories in tight races. However, in the Senate, where Mr Albanese’s government will need crossbench support to pass laws.

About a third of Australians voted for candidates outside the major parties, with support surging for the Greens and independents running on climate platforms. Mr Albanese has promised a constructive relationship” with the expanded crossbench, despite not needing to rely on their votes in the House of Representatives. Two seats there remain undecided. He will announce his cabinet on today.

The veteran politician, who heads Australia’s first Labor government in almost a decade, has promised to adopt more ambitious emissions reduction targets.