Increase in prices of essential commodities


Chinese capital Beijing is closing many public venues, canceling large events, shifting schools to online mode as fears of surge in COVID cases loom large over the city. There are reports of price rise too, as authorities scrambled to stabilize supply and keep the delivery chain intact.

Chinese authorities have said they are cracking down on price rise as food shortages in Shanghai due to lockdown continue and fears in Beijing caused a rush to supermarkets.

AIR correspondent reports, taking a que from poorly managed lockdown in Shanghai and the northeastern province of Jilin, Beijing has moved ever faster to halt a growing outbreak as it has reported nearly 180 cases this week. Authorities are mass testing more than 20 million people across Beijing three times and suspended all mass gatherings and events. On Thursday, the city reported 50 new cases.

Authorities locked down some individual residential buildings, office blocks and a university and closed some public spaces and venues. To stem infections in schools, major districts in Beijing have suspended in-person school classes of middle and primary schools and kindergartens and started online teaching.

Meanwhile, Shanghai’s 25 million residents have been in lockdown for weeks, with major food shortages, poor quality of food, delivery issues and huge price surge.