Syed Ali Mujtaba

Tamil Motivational Speaker and teacher Mrs. Sabarimala Jayakanthan has taken oath holding the holy cloth of Kaaba, to announce that she has converted to Islam and named herself Fatima Sabarimala at Holy Kaaba.

Mrs. Fatima on her first visit to Makkah said, “I asked myself why there is so much hatred against Muslims in the world? I started reading the Quran as a neutral person. Then I came to know the truth. Now I love Islam more than myself.”

“Its a great privilege and honor to be a Muslim,” said the Hindu convert, requesting Muslims to introduce Quran to everyone;

“You people have wonderful amazing ‘Book’, why are you hiding it in your homes. The world must Read this,” she reportedly said in Mecca.   

Mrs Sabarimala was born on December 26, 1982 in Madurai, to Alagharsamy and Kalaiyarasi. She married to Jayakanthan and have a son named Jayacholan.


Mrs. Sabarimala did her education at Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, and joined Elleri School near Kattumannargudi in Cuddalore district as a school teacher in 2002. She quit her job as a government school teacher saying the nation is more important than her job.

 Mrs. Sabarimala is at the forefront of bringing a single education system across India. She says there is no need for the NEET exam and argues, “How NEET could be equitable for all when there is no common education system in India.  

Mrs. Sabarimala argued went on a hunger strike against the ‘NEET exam and insisted that it should be scrapped till there is a common education system is implemented in India.  

This public figure of Tamil Nadu is involved in community service since 2002. She has been fighting for educational equality and the protection of girls’ and women’s rights. She started an organization called “Vision 2040” in 2017 in Tamil Nadu. The goal of this organization is the protection of girl children and bringing a single education system.

Mrs. Sabrimala is fighting against violence against girls and women in society. She has met about six lakh girls in rural areas across Tamil Nadu to raise awareness about the protection of girl children. She has written a book on girl child protection and has distributed it to 5000 school girls.  She arranged one lakh rupees for the family of Rithanyasree, a girl, who died in a sexual abuse case in Coimbatore.

As a motivational speaker, Mrs. Sabarimala has been on more than two thousand stages. She has been a panel speaker on more than 200 platforms and moderated several TV programs on Vander TV, News7 TV, Jaya TV, etc. She says, her speeches are not for business but for social change.  

Her current mission is to turn government school students into public speakers.  She has prepared thousands of students for the stage speeches.  She continues to turn students into speakers and conducts workshops across Tamil Nadu at schools, festivals, and literary venues where she makes students speak on stage.  

Mrs. Sabarimala has started a campaign with the slogan “No Return to Home.”  She promises that she will send the women standing in the kitchen to the assembly.  She has also formed a political party the “Women’s Liberation Party” (WLP) with feminist motives.  

Women are seen as child-bearing toys, and kitchen machines, and the Women’s Liberation Party would break these stereotypes and change the status of women in Tamil Nadu, says Fatima Sabarimala a.k.a Mrs. Sabarimala.