As Sri Lanka‘s economic crisis deepens, the impact continues to form a ripple effect on small businesses.



Sri Lankan police fired at protesters yesterday, killing one person and injuring a dozen more, as demonstrations have been raging across the island nation for weeks, voicing anger against the rising prices and shortages of essentials and prolonged power cuts.

The country has sought rapid financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to ease the worsening economic crisis. Fuel, power, food and medicines have been running low for weeks.

According to reports, at least one protester was killed and 12 injured were hospitalized, including two in critical condition, after clashes broke out between demonstrators and police in the central town of Rambukkana.

Disturbances erupted after police asked protesters to move away from a key railway line which they had blocked for hours, to control the situation, the protesters were fired at, police said.

The financial crisis reportedly arose from the effects of financial mismanagement by successive governments, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, and as rising prices of fuel sapped foreign reserves.