Punjab Finance Minister Harpal Cheema on Tuesday presented the supplementary budget.

With maximum amount being set aside for Social security, it seems the government will immediately implement the revised social security pension, including the Rs 1,000 per month for women.

Priority given to social security, education and power in Interim budget Maximum money has been set aside for social security at Rs 896 crore, education at Rs 463 crore.

Rs 109 crore set aside for power.

The first government of Aam Aadmi Party presented its Vote on Account budget of Rs 37,120. 23 crore on Tuesday.
This is the money required by the government as routine expenditure for the first three months of 2022-23.
The expenditure to be incurred on payment of interest – Rs 4,788.2 crore – is among the largest chunk of finances to be taken away from the state’s limited income. The internal debt of the state is pegged at Rs 5,442.64 crore.
The maximum allocation has been made in the education sector (Rs 4,643.74 crore), agriculture (Rs 2,367.23 crore), administration of justice and policing (Rs 2,726.95 crore), social security, women and child development (Rs 1,484.64 crore) and health and family welfare (Rs 1,345.61 crore).
The Vote on Account was presented by the newly inducted Finance Minister Harpal Cheema.

FM Harpal Cheema starts presenting supplementary grants. The Finance Minister Harpal Cheema starts the process for presenting supplementary grants.

This is the first interim budget of the AAP government.For the first three months, the government is seeking the permission of the House for a revenue expenditure of Rs 37,120 crore.