Senior Civil servant Sue Gray has blamed a failure of leadership for allowing parties to take place in Downing Street when the country was under strict lockdown. In long-awaited findings, Ms Gary said some events should not have been allowed to take place. She investigated 16 separate gatherings – including three that were not previously known about. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, he accepted the findings in full, as he faced questions and criticism from MPs.

In Ms Gray’s findings, she confirms that the Metropolitan Police is investigating 12 events – on eight separate dates – for alleged COVID-rule breaking.

These include the 20 May 2020 event in the Downing Street garden, which the Prime Minister Johnson has apologized for attending, and his birthday party on 19th June 2020.

In his statement in the House of Commons earlier, Prime Minister Johnson vowed to learn from Ms Gray’s initial findings, saying, he will get it and he will fix it.

The report is crucial to Mr Johnson’s premiership, which has been rocked by weeks of damaging headlines about parties in Downing Street and other government buildings.