India a country of Hindus, not Hindutvadis, says Rahul Gandhi at the rally in Rajasthan’s Jaipur



Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and other leaders on Sunday attacked Narendra Modi government over issues of Hindutva and prices rise and said this govt wanted to sell to its industrialist friends whatever Congress party had built in 70 years.

At a rally in Jaipur, Rahul Gandhi said: “This is a country of Hindus and not Hindutvavadis. Since 2014, it’s the Hindutvavadis who are in power, and not Hindus. We need to oust them and bring the rule of Hindus.”

India is a country of Hindus and not Hindutvavadis, who can do anything to remain in power, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Sunday.

If there is inflation in the country and there is suffering, then this has been done by the Hindutvavadis, Gandhi said.

“The country never has been in such a situation,” he said. “The entire economy is in hands of 4-5 capitalists. This country is not being run by the public but by a few capitalists.”

Gandhi said in the country’s politics today, there is a competition between two words — Hindu and Hindutva. They are two completely different words, he said. “I am a Hindu but not a Hindutvavadi. Mahatma Gandhi was Hindu, and Godse was Hindutvavadi,” he said.


A Hindutvavadi spends his entire life for power and he has nothing to do with truth, the Congress leader said. A Hindu is one who is not afraid of anyone, embraces everyone and respects all religions, he said. He faces his fears and does not step back, and swallows fear like Lord Shiva, Gandhi said. Whereas Hindutvavadis bow in front of fear, which creates hatred in their hearts, he added.

On the other hand, love develops in the heart of Hindus as they face fear, Gandhi said. “You can read any (Hindu) scripture, be it Ramayana, Maharabharata, Gita or Upanishads. Tell me where is it written that the poor should be beaten up, where is it written that a marginalised person should be oppressed,” he asked rhetorically.

The Lok Sabha member from Wayanad said 1% of the country’s population holds 33% of its wealth, 10% population has 65% wealth, and 50% population has 6% wealth.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left only 6% money in the hands of 50% population,” Gandhi alleged. “Before Modi came to power, the unorganised sector in India was 52%, which after demonetisation, GST and corona has reduced to 20%.”

The Congress government in the past waived farmers’ loans because they are the backbone of the country, but Modi stabbed the heart of farmers, he said. “Modi stabbed them in their heart, but he did not stab from the front, but from the back, because he is Hindutvavadi,” Gandhi said. “When Hindu farmers stood up, Hindutvavadi said, ‘I apologise’.”

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, along with Rahul and Priyanka, attended the party’s mega rally in Jaipur on Sunday.
She said when elections come, BJP leaders talk of China or other countries, casteism, communalism but not about the struggles of the people and asked what the Modi government has done in seven years of its rule.

“It is your responsibility to make the government accountable, it is your responsibility to ask why there is so much inflation,” she said while addressing a national level rally against inflation here.

Gandhi alleged that the government is working for select industrialist friends instead of working for the good of the people and farmers of the country.

“There are two types of government. The goal of the first type of government is service, dedication and truthfulness to the public and there is a government whose target is lies, greed and loot…The target of the present central government is lies, greed and loot,” she alleged.

“The Modi government at the Centre repeatedly questions what Congress has done in 70 years. I say leave the talk of 70 years. Tell us what you have done in seven years?” she asked, She charged that whatever the Congress built in 70 years, the Central government wants to sell it to industrialist friends.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, along with Rahul and Priyanka, attended the party’s mega rally in Jaipur on Sunday.
Targeting the Uttar Pradesh government, Gandhi charged that the Adityanath dispensation is spending crores of rupees on advertisements but has failed in getting farmers fertiliser.

Sonia Gandhi was present at the rally but did not speak.


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