Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu has emphasised the need for making regional and local languages as administrative language. He asked the universities and educational institutions to play a key role in protecting Indian languages and take forward research in such a way in which culture and traditions will be protected.

Speaking after presenting the distinguished Awards by Potti Sriramulu Telugu University in Hyderabad this morning on the occasion of its 36th Foundation Day, the Vice President commended the services of the University, which is the second one in the country to have set up for protecting the language and conducting research. He said in the wake of globalization, the culture and traditions will become the identity of Communities.

He also called upon universities to take steps to preserve language, culture, traditions, arts and continue research. Stating that inferiority among people about any language is dangerous, he asked the institutions to develop scientific terminologies with advance technology so that the medium of instruction in education can be local and regional languages.

Earleir, he presented the prestigious Telugu University Awards renowned literary personality Dr Kurella Vithalacharya for 2018 and eminent dance artist Kalakrishna for 2019.