Talking to media here, JUH chief Arshad Madani said that he has already spoken to Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi and lodged a strong protest over the manner in which minority people were being picked up and detained by Police in the state.

“If, we don’t get justice, then we might move the Supreme Court on the issue,” he said, adding that they have high-lighted the case of 20-22 persons belonging to the community.
Assam may now have more than 1.47 lakh D voters and 12,480 persons were added to the list just before the last elections following an order of the Gauhati High Court, as their names were referred to the Tribunals by the police.

As reported, Assam Governor J B Patnaik in his address to the Assembly admitted that the issue of the “D” voters was a cause of concern for his government with many of them turned out as genuine citizens later.”Yes the matter of D-voters is of concern to my government as a large number of them have been found to be genuine Indians subsequently,”
“Steps will be taken to ensure that genuine citizens, who have however been identified as D-voters, are allowed to exercise all their rights including the right to vote,” he said.
He denied that JUH supported the ruling Congress Party in Assam during the last Assembly polls, he termed the reports as baseless, asserting that he has opposed the Congress Party on several occasion.