JAIPUR: (AMN) The Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gahlot has assured the Specially Backward Classes including Gujjars, that the government will not do any injustice to them.

Talking to media persons here, he said that any fresh move on reservation issue will be initiated only after consulting the leaders of these communities. He blamed the erstwhile BJP government for complicating the SBC reservation issue. He also appealed the Gujjar agitators not to take the law in their hands and remove the blockades on rail tracks and roads.

Meanwhile, the Gujjar agitation spread to some other parts of the state today.   The Gujjar Mahapadav continuing in Pilupura, 60 trains on Delhi-Mumbai section were diverted. Many roads in eastern Rajasthan are also blocked, adversely affecting the supply of essential commodities. The agitators also stopped supply of milk at some places. Meanwhile, Gujjar leaders in Dausa districts have given a bandh call tomorrow in view of which elaborate security arrangements have been made. The situation arising out of Gujjar agitation was reviewed today in a high level meeting here. The Home Minister Shanti Dhariwal has said that situation is fully under control and the agitation is peaceful so far.