NEW DELHI: The government is committed to provide an enabling environment to the corporate sector for its growth.  Inaugurating the Corporate Week 2010 in New Delhi this morning, Prime MInister Dr. Manmohan Singh said a level playing field is being made available to all the stake holders in the sector.


Lauding the corporate sector for its effort in inclusive growth, the Prime Minister, however, asserted that it will not be a full cycle without empowering the poor and weaker section of society.


Touching upon the telephone tapping issue, the Prime Minister said he is aware  of the nervousness in the corporate sector over powers to tap telephone for protecting national security, preventing tax evasion and money laundering. The Prime Minister informed that he has asked the Cabinet Secretary Mr. K M Chandrasekhar to look into the issue and suggest measures to prevent the leakages of recorded conversations outside the government. Mr. Chandrasekhar has been asked to submit a report  within a month.