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Top 5 Strategies for Preparing Decision Making Section of XAT 2019


Xavier Aptitude Test is the second best exam after the CAT for the admission in the management education. The score of XAT is valid for the entry in the more than 150 institutes. Mainly this exam has two sections, one section contains 70-75 questions, and the other section contains 25-30 items. The first section contains Decision Making, Verbal & Logic ability, Quantitative ability, and Data interpretation whereas the other part includes GK & Essay writing.

The decision making section of XAT 2019 is considered to be one of the toughest sections and since, the competition in all the field is increasing day by day, in that case, if you wish to achieve a good score than you have to be smarter than being a hard worker candidate.

Read this till the end to find the seven strategies for scoring well in the Decision Making section because from the last six years decision making section of the exam comprises a large number of questions and most of the students find problems in this section. If you want to perform well in Decision Making section then you should know that time management is very much essential because this section requires more time hence regularly solve the Decision Making previous years questions this increases your speed.

Types of Decision Making Questions
The Decision Making question can be divided in many ways but on the basis of the length Decision Making inquiry is divided into the two categories such as Single passage and Multiple Passage question whereas on the basis of content Decision Making inquiry is divided into the four groups such as pure logic, Financial Issues, Managerial Issues, and Ethical Dilemmas.

Tip for excellent performance in Decision Making. This section is unique in the XAT exam & contains a mixture of behavioural, managerial, and mathematical questions. decision making question is not based on the theoretical knowledge. The motto of this section is to find out your thinking ability, so scoring in this section become hard. Here are some tips to crack Decision Making questions.

Read the question carefully and frame the answer in your mind
It is necessary to read and understand the motive behind the subject. Find the reason and try to mount the response.

Time management
Decision making section is a time consuming part, so it needs regular practice. If you regularly solve decision making question than it helps you to generate the concepts in you which help you during the exam.

Avoid the incorrect option
You should choose those options which maximize the benefits and minimize the damage. Rejection of the wrong choice is the best way to select the correct answer. For this, you need to consider all the scenario.

Don’t assume your own opinions
It is a common mistake in many students so avoid your personal views for the judgment. There may be the situation where the correct answer will be different from your own opinion. So while answering the question you need to be logical and analytical, don’t allow your emotion to come forward while answering.

Never think about the Unethical solution
It means always avoid those options which represent the shortcut way to answer because of those options never be your answer. Decision Making is all about the logic, ethics, and rights rather than what you feel. Hence if you pick an option which is unethical, the answer will be wrong.

If you follow all the instruction carefully, nothing can stop you to score well in XAT. Many toppers say that before answering the question, you must analyse the situation from the various prospective like from the economic as well as social perspective.

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