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Several countries seek probe into Gaza killing


Several countries including Germany and UK have demanded an inquiry into the killings of 60 Palesitnians by Israeli troops in Gaza as diplomatic anger rises.

Today thousands of Gaza residents have turned out to mourn the deaths of Palestinians killed by Israeli troops in Monday’s protests. .
Arab nations have strongly condemned Israel’s use of force against Palestinians protesting the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

The United Arab Emirates’ foreign ministry condemned what it called “the excessive use of force” by Israel against people who were “demanding their legitimate rights.”

A spokesperson for Qatar’s foreign ministry expressed “condemnation and denunciation of the brutal massacre and systematic killing.”

The foreign ministry of Egypt issued a statement voicing its “strong condemnation of the targeting of defenseless Palestinian civilians.”

Many Arab nations have refrained from directly criticizing the US, in an apparent effort to avoid souring diplomatic relations with Washington.

Some of the 60 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops in protests in Gaza on Monday when they were protesting against the shifting of US embassy to Jeruselam.

Many of the bodies were wrapped in the green flag of Gaza’s ruling group Hamas, the yellow flag of the Fatah group in charge of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and a black flag for the Islamic Jihad Militant group.

Some of the mourners chanted “God is great” in Arabic and “Death to Israel” as they marched to the cemeteries.

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