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India’s diversity must be accepted by all: Vinod Dua

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AMN / Hyderabad

Noted Journalist and commentator Vinod Dua has said that people have to come out of their shell when they are living in a country which is known for its rich diversity and they have to accept its multi cultural ethos.

Addressing a seminar on “India after Independence” organized by The Freedom Press English Daily at Media
Plus Auditorium here, Padma Shree Awardee Vinod Dua emphasized the need to accept the reality of a diversified culture clubbed with a different caste and religions in the country. We can live together by securing our separate identity with a broad mindset.

We are the 5th largest economy in the world and our GDP is near somewhere at 7% in which industrial sector accounts for nearly 29.02% annually. In 1960 our GDP rate was somewhere at 80 US dollars per capita while now it reached to 1700 annually. The percentage of the poor people in our country still stands at the same position while population jumps to many folds. In 1947, when India gained independence, our population was merely 34 crore while today it is about to reach a staggering figure of nearly 134 crores he said.

If we divide our country’s population into three economic layers, the leanest community’s lives same as the people used to live in poorest African countries. While the middle order population’s standard of living is very much matched with the people lives in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

As far as the people fall under upper level is concerned they are very much managed to reach to a position which is comparatively closer to people live in some average European countries, hence 1 or 1.5 percent of the population has all the cream and wealth in India, he said. What we have achieved in the last 70 years is come in a shape of secularism, our liberal way of belief which ensured us from coming out of our own shells.

Accusing the Prime Minister Narender Modi of crawling into a particular shell, which is his own organization where he was intensely institutionalized. Country’s Constitution values never put an impact on him and he is yet to overcome from the isolation even after becoming a prime minister of a largest democratic state of the world.

He bemoaned Why Prime Minister Narender Modi talks of a new India by 2022? When asked by The Freedom Press, Editor Mohammed Khan about the political pilferage in Goa where Congress party though emerge as single largest party in the elections was thrown out of power, Dua said congress’s lethargy is equally responsible in this particular case.

Vijay Sardesai was on a visit to Delhi to meet with AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi but, though the appointment was fixed and after waiting for four long hours, he won’t succeeds in meeting with the later as he was not available at that time, as per over information. Then Sardesai turned up to meet Praful Patel who was staying in a closed building. He too tried to settle the issue but in vain. Sardesai then came in contact with the BJP and the latter is a history knows everyone. A call was made from Delhi to Nitin Gadkari, he rushed to Goa and camped there all the night and managed everything to bring BJP into power. Thus, the Congress party loses the battle even after winning the election in Goa, Dua informed.

He commended the effort of The Freedom Press Editor Mohammed Abdullah Khan for his courage to launch an English Daily with a view to boosting the thought provoking sense in the new generation and expands their realm of information with regard to global and national affairs.

Siasat Urdu Daily Editor Zahid Ali Khan, in his address too appreciated the effort of Mohammed Abdullah Khan for launching an English Daily from Hyderabad city which according to him is a bitter pill to swallow nowadays.

It is like “inhume a dead body into the grave one after another on daily basis” according to his late father Abid Ali Khan the former Editor of the Siasat Daily. It is a big task to house the newspaper on the stand regularly, he asserted.

Editor Mohammed Abdullah Khan, in his salutation speech, welcomes the chief guests. In his speech, he said the purpose to organize this seminar is to showcase “India after Independence.” At present India is considered as a major developing country with an average GDP growth rate of 7%. However, inspite of all this progress the problems is national integrity, social issues, poverty, and inflations are chasing us from the time we achieved the freedom which has to be solved now. In addition, there has been a series of mob lynching incidents across the country. Secularism is no doubt is an ideal principle but in practice, it is not too easy to follow. The annoying issue in India is the deep religious sentiments prevailing among its different religious communities. How can we be a good democracy if the minority of this country doesn’t feel safe?

In a longer term, the nation needs to adopt a political system that could best of the acceptance of the whole population. He concluded his speech with a cordial appeal to all the seniors of the Journalists fraternity to extend their full support to turn the vision of bringing awareness about the importance of change in the society into an incontrovertible success. The seminar wasconducted under the guidance of Syed Vicaruddin, Chief Editor, The Rahnuma E Deccan Daily. as he was ill-health, he couldn’t attend the program.

Mrs. Padmavati Dua, President Jamat-e-Islami Hamed Mohammed Khan, Associate Editor of The Rahnuma E Deccan Dr. Mir Akbar Ali Khan, Almas Khan and students of Mass Communication from Moulana Azad Urdu University were also presented at this occasion.

Editor of “The Freedom Press English Daily” Mohammed Abdullah Khan supervised the program. Later on Mr. Vinod Dua visited the office of The Freedom Press and meet with the staff. Mohammed Abdullah Khan, the Editor of the Newspaper, apprise him of the affair that impressed the visionary television baron immensely.

He, at the moment, had appreciated the effort of the young Journalists and wishes him success in his life and profession. Secular value helps us come out of shells Vinod Dua at a seminar on “India after Independence’ conducted by The Freedom Press Mohammed Abdullah Khan, Editor, The Freedom Press felicitating seasoned Journalist Vinod Dua. Seasoned Journalist Vinod Dua addressing at the seminar ‘India After Independence.’

Zahid Ali Khan, Editor, The Siasat Daily, Hamed Mohammed Khan, President, Jamait E Islami Hind, Mrs. Padmavati Dua, Almas Khan, and Dr. Mir Akbar Ali Khan, Vice Chairman, Indo-Arab League are also seen. “ People need to accept the diversified culture of the country ”

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