Religion in Democracy, a tool of co-existence

By Azam Danish The ‘postmodern’ world is being divided on the lines of religion, ethnicity and race, but as we can see there are many world leaders who are willing to overcome the irrational division of societies, there are some who are breaking the tradition of inclusive politics which they inherited. Certainly, the message is … Continue reading Religion in Democracy, a tool of co-existence

Why Pluralism and Secularism essential for India?

By M. Hamid Ansari An interest in political philosophy has been a lifelong pursuit. I recall John Locke’s dictum that ‘wherever law ends, tyranny begins.’ Also in my mind is John Rawl’s assertion that ‘justice is the first virtue of social institutions’ and that in ‘a just society the liberties of equal citizenship are taken … Continue reading Why Pluralism and Secularism essential for India?

WTO and India

By Nirmala Sitharaman The World Trade Organization (WTO) deals with the rules of trade among nations, as negotiated and agreed among its member countries, and inter alia, also settles trade disputes between its members. Its fundamental principles include non-discrimination in trade matters, freer trade, predictability and transparency. Decision-making is largely based on the principle of … Continue reading WTO and India

Who will succeed President Mukherjee ?

Andalib Akhter / New Delhi Even as the ruling NDA and the opposition are keeping name of their presidential candidates as closely guarded secret, several names are doing round rounds in newspapers, television channels and social media. All are speculating name for the presidential nominee to succeed President Pranab Mukherjee with their own contention and … Continue reading Who will succeed President Mukherjee ?

India’s perplexity and Saudi-Qatar crisis

By H Siddique The break in Saudi-Qatar relations last week caught India by surprise as it did the rest of the world. India’s stakes in Qatar as well as other Gulf countries are considerable. Qatar is home to nearly 650,000 Indians whose safety and well being is a paramount concern for the NDA government which … Continue reading India’s perplexity and Saudi-Qatar crisis

Free Media Must for a Free Society

By M Hamid Ansari Vice President of India The history of journalism in India is closely linked to the history of our freedom struggle. Indian journalists were not mere news providers. They were freedom fighters and social activists, who fought not only to rid India of foreign rule but also to rid our society of … Continue reading Free Media Must for a Free Society

India’s achievement at ADB Meet

By ADITYA RAJ DAS At a time when several international economic think tanks are projecting India as the fastest growing economy in the world, the ongoing radical reforms programmes being undertaken by the Modi government have earned accolades at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) currently being held at Tokyo. While … Continue reading India’s achievement at ADB Meet

S C Jamir likely to become next Vice-President of India

ANDALIB AKHTER /New Delhi Veteran Congress leader from North East and currently Governor of Odisha Dr Senayangba Chubatoshi Jamir, popularly known as S C Jamir is likely to become the next Vice-President of the country. According to reliable sources Mr Jamir’s name is in the panel of names selected by the ruling BJP and he … Continue reading S C Jamir likely to become next Vice-President of India

Pluralistic Heritage must be Preserved

By M. Hamid Ansari Culture is more than just song and dance or architecture. It is the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through … Continue reading Pluralistic Heritage must be Preserved

Who care for Women Bias Against Husband?

Every pound of husband’s flesh needed, fathers and brothers not to be touched Dr. Javed Jamil It is a strange world of relationships. India is even stranger. While we tend to always think positively about some relationships, we try to search negatives in others. It is argued for centuries that women are the victims of … Continue reading Who care for Women Bias Against Husband?



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Mallya case: India gives fresh set of documents to UK

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